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I must say that this game series is one of the best in the world! The game where you start from the bottom and do whatever it takes to reach your goal has sold more than 150 million copies. This fun game has changed a lot since it first was launched. Lets take a look at how it all started...

Grand Theft Auto

A pattern game with cars and criminals was condemned in Britain, Germany, and France due to its "extreme violence". The publicist actually made up stories in tabloids in order to help sell the first game! He was a celebrity of sorts himself in England!

“Max Clifford made it all happen,” Dailly told the paper. “He designed all the outcry, which pretty much guaranteed MPs [media publications] would get involved… He’d do anything to keep the profile high.” Source

Grand Theft Auto 2

When you passed the road, it was like playing Cross Road Chicken, which is a very popular game on App Store nowadays!

Grand Theft Auto III

There were a lot of controversies at that time because now the game was 3D and the graphics made it more violent and more realistic in comparison to the first two games. There was also a lot criticism for the focus on illegal activities in comparison with traditional "heroic" roles that other games offered.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

This game was also under criticism. One mission in particular recived heavy criticism, in which the player must instigate a gang war between Haitian and Cuba gangs.

But well who care's we still had a lot of fun playing it!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This was also a game that a lot of us played despite being criticized for its 'gangster' elements. It was later discovered that there was a sex mini-game from the mod 'Hot Coffee' that was cut of the game. Howeveer, the scripts still remained and the modders figured it out!This was one of the games that revolutionized the series and sold more then 27 million copies.

Grand Theft Auto IV

This series is set in Liberty City (based upon New York City)and the designers of the game worked hard to make it as realistic as possible: the crashing, the shootings and everything else - even when you drink too much, you get drunk!

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 and within 3 days it had broken industry sales records, becoming the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. It earned $800 million in its first day and $1 billion 2 days later.

It is one of the best games at the moment (in 2015) which is really impressive when you think that it was released in 2013 and still is listed among one of the most popular games with a big number of players . A lot of updates are now available and it was released on PC too!

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