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Star Wars Battlefront is an upcoming Star Wars multiplayer combat game. It is a reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront series, originally created by Pandemic Studios. Battlefront depicts massive multiplayer battles between online opponents and also supports some cooperative split-screen modes.

At First lets talk about Gamemods!

Walker Assault

Walker Assault is a 20 vs 20 multiplayer Game Mode where Rebels defend a base from an Imperial invasion. What makes things difficult is that the Imperials have three massive AT-AT walkers backing them up.

The Rebels must use everything they can to destroy the AT-ATs, while the Empire fights towards the Rebel base. Along the way are several Uplinks that both teams can fight over. If the Rebel team reaches an Uplink, they can use it to call in Y-Wing bombing raids.


During E3 conference previews, hero units were shown off duirng Wlaker Assault. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker face off with lightsabers after battling off a swarm of weaker enemies.

During the gameplay demo, we see that the standard weaponry we expect has returned, such as Blaster Pistols and Rifles. X-Wing and Tie Fighter combat was also shown off, with several of them in the air at the same time. Likely unique to the Hoth map, the Snowspeeder was also shown, and can even use the Tow Cable to tie up an AT-AT and crash it into the ground.


This section is for all known Weapons in Star Wars Battlefront. All weapons carry four attributes: Damage, Rate of Fire, Range, and Cooling Power. Blasters don't run out of ammunition, but they can overheat if fired too much in a short time frame. If you hit the active reload, the weapon will cool down more quickly.

If you're a fan of the Star Wars universe and can spot the weapons in the gameplay trailers, feel free to create a list below. The E3 2015 gameplay demo of Star Wars Battlefront had just a handful of weapons.


Hands are a set of three perks and equipment in Star Wars Battlefront's Multiplayer. The E3 2015 gameplay demo of Star Wars Battlefront had two Hands to choose from.

The first set contains Barrage (a grenade launcher-style alternate fire), Ion Shot, and a Jump Pack.

The second set contains a Thermal Detonator, Personal Shield, and Ion Torpedo.

Many items must cool down before being used. However, the Ion Shot and Personal Shield are limited to just five uses per life.


A new mode for when you want to play alone, or with a single friend, the co-op experience sets you against ever increasing waves of enemies.

In this mode, you must defend yourself for 15 waves, until the rebel alliance arrives and is able to extract you. The first few rounds will be easy, as you face just a handful of stormtroopers, but as waves go on you will have tougher foes and even AT-STs and other larger vehicles to deal with.

And that is it for Preview of Star Wars Battlefront.We hope that it will have lot of customization options,lot of maps and playable character and we already saw big part on SW:B BETA. And also share your preview with us and keep following me for more Previews/Reviews and extra content!

This game deserve 9.5 because it will change EA Company for sure.

Star Wars : Battlefront Preview here!


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