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I've been hearing lots of theories going around about the Ghost Host in the Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor ride(s) at Disneyland and Disneyworld in both America and France.

The identity is somewhat a large debate going through a community I'm a part of and clearly controversial topic. So, the question still stands; Who is the Ghost Host? Well, there's no turning back now.

Now, let's start off with some of the more popular stories I've heard. Do you remember the movie "The Haunted Mansion" that came out in 2003? Well, there have been stories in my community that Master Gracey (refer to the image below) is the Ghost Host because of the Movie. Although it's somewhat likely, it in reality is not the case.

Master Gracey depicted in the 2003 film.
Master Gracey depicted in the 2003 film.

I also realize that this topic has probably been covered by lots of people on MOVIEPILOT and that I'm just another one to add on to the list. Maybe, I may catch something that they didn't. Moving on!

So, how can Master Gracey not be the Ghost Host? Well, the movie was made years after the Mansions opened so there's no possibility that the Mansion made the Ghost host Master Gracey.

Secondly, if you look at the portrait of the owner in the Haunted mansion at Disneyworld, Florida, you'll see that he bares no resemblance to the Hanging corpse

The portrait
The portrait
The hanging corpse
The hanging corpse

As you can see, the body has a dark green Jacket and a grey vest, compared to the Blue/Grey jacket and Light blue vest with the Bow tie. So, that wipes out the possibility of Master Gracey in the portrait/ But what about the Tombstone and Master Gracey in the film?

Well, the tombstone is directed to Yale Gracey who created most of the Special effects. There is also tombstones directed to other Imagineers who helped with the Haunted mansion like the Tombstone of Madame Leota for Leota Toombs.

So, That crosses off both Master Gracey's. There's also the idea that the corpse is portrayed inside the ride itself thus making it the Ghost Host.

The portrait of the supposed Ghost Host
The portrait of the supposed Ghost Host

But, the problem is that the portrait shown above has a purple vest. Not a grey vest and a more brownish-green jacket. But, there was never any mention of the Ghost Host or corpse having a Hatchet. Also, recognize the fact that this ghost wears lightish blue pants instead of pinstripe blue.

So, the Ghost Host is also not the Ghost portrayed in this portrait. Now, there are also theories about how the Ghost host is none other than Captain Gore; the original owner.

Even so, this still goes back to the idea of clothing.

Captain Gore (left) and his wife (Right)
Captain Gore (left) and his wife (Right)

As seen here, he wears a blue coat not the same to the Ghost Host.

But, how do we even know that the corpse is the Ghost Host? What if there are no visuals of the Ghost Host?

Well, in the preshow for the Haunted Mansion the Ghost Host says: "Of course, there's always my way." then reveals the hanging corpse. This means that he committed suicide by Hanging. So, he has to be, right?

Well, I personally do not think any of these theories are right. I think that the Ghost Host is simply the Mansion itself and its ability to take you in.

Well, you never really seem to see the Host himself, and he always seems to be right next to you. The Mansion wants more residents. It needs you to fill its quarter.

Once you go into the attic, it's already too late. You're finally the 1000th resident of the Haunted Mansion. You committed suicide, just like the Ghost Host in your mind.

So, that's my theory and my reasoning to support it. I hope that you enjoy and do not look at me like a crazy theorist.


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