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The Flash on the CW has got everyone scratching their heads. "Why?" Well that's because it has introduced a new villain. A speedster from another world called Earth-2, whose name is Zoom. He has been sending meta-humans from his world to try and kill Barry, but they have all failed, so it's only a matter of time before he shows up. We haven't gotten a clear look at him on the show yet, but there have been plenty of set photos showing him and his mask.

Which has got people wondering, who is this Zoom? Well I believe there 5 likely candidates to who is behind that mask.

Henry Allen

This would certainly make for an interesting twist. Body and shape wise, he seems to fit. Really, anything is possible with the whole Earth-2 aspect. Things could have played out very differently, with maybe Henry surviving the attack, I mean who knows?

Eddie Thawne

Fans have certainly been throwing this notion around. We have been wondering whether or not they'd ever introduce him as Barry's brother, and making him into Cobalt Blue, or at least a variation of that character. Note that Eddie wasn't killed, but sucked into the singularity formed in the finale last season. It's not too farfetched that a Thawne other than Eobard is out there.

Joe West

Joe? Really? But he's such a loving guy, why would he ever become this villain? Well think about. As we know, Earth-1 Joe is a sweet caring guy, but what about Earth-2? There's certainly the possibility things couldn't have worked out in that world like they do here. I don't believe he's a cop, since Jay hasn't heard of him. It also might be a clever way to bring in his son Wally West into the mix. While I'm not sure how he would have gotten his powers, it's certainly something to entertain.

Barry Allen

It was mentioned that each person could conceivably have a doppelgänger on the other earth. Has no one thought to wonder, what has happened Earth-2 Barry? He might be living happily with his parents, he could also be a victim of Reverse-Flash. That kind of trauma is something that could really break a kid. What if things worked out differently? He might've never met Joe, and gone down a bad path. This would certainly be a big twist.

New Character to the show

It's also very possible that we are getting a new character added to the roster. I mean, they made Eobard Thawne the Reverse-Flash, so they might just go down the comic's route and make Zoom Hunter Zolomon, as he is in the comics.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this little list. Tell me, who do you think Zoom is? How excited are you to see him? Let me know in the poll and comments, and follow me for more content.


Who do you think Zoom is?


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