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The James Bond movie franchise managed to fight against the rusty fangs of time and remain in the film scene for more than 50 years. During these years it produced an impressive 24 full-feature films, grossing over $13,000 million (accounting for the effects of inflation, at 2011/2012 prices) making it the highest grossing franchise in cinema history.

The concept of Her Majesty's charming secret agent outgrow numerous actors and directors since 1962 capturing the interest of audiences world-wide to this day. But what makes it so good?

Clearly the quintessence of success lies deep within the core elements of the Bond series, shared by all the movies. To find this, one must observe the reoccurring motifs, themes and characterization both in the films and the original material.


Whether it is the femme fatal or the intimidating nymphomaniac, bond-girls are always a vital part of the story. They let us take a break from all the action-packed tense spy scenes, and take hold of our attention with the sweet movement of their hips and their sexuality. They embody the ultimate male fantasies, and give men a reason to look forward to the next Bond movie and return to re-watch the old ones.

James Bond is really nothing but the manifestation of the male desires; the projection of the suppressed male subconscious. He is not limited by a social or financial cage, he possesses the power and freedom to do what he wants, which is no less than travel the world, drink fancy cocktails and engage in sexual intercourse with gorgeous exotic women.


The luxurious lifestyle of the British spy is truly worthy of envy. From Omega watches to Aston Martin cars and Tom Ford bespoke clothing, Bond always looks elegant and sharp no matter the situation. He is the epitome of the English gentleman. Who wouldn't want to experience this level of opulence? Watching the movies, we get a glimpse into what it would feel like to live the way Bond does, not having to worry about price tags, credit-cards or bills, just enjoying the moment. I very much like to immerse myself in the Bond movies and enjoy a sip of a vodka martini, shaken not stirred!


Every man likes to jump onto the couch and watch a good action movie. All the explosions, gunshots and car-chases somehow tingle our spidey senses.

Luckily for us, James Bond movies have an abundance of all the things listed above, sophisticatedly wrapped around an engaging story and high production value. For example in Spectre, the latest instalment of the franchise the crew blew up a total of $48 million worth of cars. Ouch!

Watching Bond jump out from an airplane, or fight fist-to-fist in a helicopter mid-air is very pleasant if you want to kick back and enjoy a good flick, without tiring your brain too much (like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy would haha!).

The combination of this three with great writing, directing and superb acting gives the unique power of the Bond franchise that no other spy film could capture.

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