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[Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege](tag:2768317) is a new tactical shooter in the Rainbow Six franchise. It was first revealed at the E3 2014 press conferences. Siege brings back the series' mainstay of tactical multiplayer, along with a campaign that can be played in single player or co-op (1).

The 2014 trailer featured a 5v5 multiplayer match centered around either saving or keeping a hostage in a house setting. The trailer featured pre-alpha footage with highly destructible environments. The hostage takers were shown laying down traps to fortify their positions. Meanwhile, the Rainbow operates that were attempting to save the hostage used a variety of remote surveillance technologies to scout the area as well as breach charges to knock down walls and blow holes through floors.


Rainbow Six's signature multiplayer returns in Rainbow Six: Siege. Creative Director Xavier Marquis has stated that Siege's 5 on 5 multiplayer matches will last for approximately three minutes. Players will receive extra points for securing objectives and working as a team to incentivize players to not treat multiplayer like a standard team death match.


TerroHunt (formerly Terrorist Hunt) is the classic Rainbow Six co-op mode that is returning in Rainbow Six Siege. Five players team up online to face waves of AI-controlled enemy combatants across 11 world locations and several game modes. TerroHunt isn't a simple kill and clear game mode, you will need to complete objectives like locating and defusing bombs while remaining alive.

This game mode, like the single player Campaign, will feature several difficulty settings, including the Realistic setting, which will kill anyone with a single shot.


Operators are the title for various player classes in Rainbow Six: Siege.

There will be a total of 20 Operators at launch, currently ten of these have been made public.

Weapons and Equipment

Rainbow Six Siege features a number of Operator classes filled with great Weapons and Equipment. Below is a list of confirmed weapons. Feel free to contribute.

Some of Them :

  • UMP-45
  • MP5K
  • 556 XI
  • R4 Advanced
  • G36C
  • P90
  • FMG-9

Can Ubisoft make Tornado with this game? We will see. BETA was good let's hope that final version will be more better and have more options,and also optimization will be good too.

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