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John Edakul

So Aziz Ansari's new show Master of None just came out on Netflix, following the hype around the new show and Ansari immediately taking up on the offer. The online streaming platform enabled him to create and experiment with his vision of the small screen which I have to say, I have throughly enjoyed.

The premise of the show is focusing on Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari) and the way he deals with trying to find a purpose in life as a 30 year old in NYC. The show takes a very genuine approach unlike other shows that deal with life crisis, doesn't revolve around just romance, but instead tackles and talks about everyday issues as an immigrant in a country that has a share of racism within its history.

During the show the audience is exposed to various relevant problems immigrants face, like Dev's parents (Ansari's actual parents) when they first come to America, facing a new culture, language and dealing with everyday life as an outsider. Also the show challenges stereotypes within the media, on how much racism is there within the entertainment industry, questioning why there is a practice of 'brown-face' and casting white actors in indian roles, or not having two indian actors in the same show.

The show is very much based on Ansari's life experience as a comedian and actor, auditioning for roles to do accents and also act like a totally shy nerd, whereas his personality was far to the opposite. Likening to a show like Big Bang where Raj is seen as a frail and powerless character, unable to have conversations with the opposite sex. Also, In contrast the show completely unravels the stereotype of Indians' being shy and timid, with Dev being a completely confident and outgoing character who can have hilarious and sarcastic conversations with his dates'.

Ansari brings to life what it is like being an Indian actor in New York, going for auditions being type-casted immediately because you are brown, and scoring gigs based on physical appearance but not your acting ability. This can also been seen as parallels with Peter Dinklage who has said he had similar experiences due to his dwarfism.

Dev as a character challenges institutions like marriage, love and also settling down just because you are expected to. The show tackles many issues, I hope I haven't revealed any major plot points, but the most interesting point of the show is not the plot but more of the talks Dev has with his friends about coming of age.


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