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Day 8 of 22


Alas, still nothing new. Hopefully in the next upcoming days we'll get some news of some sort, perhaps some that involves Kiara or The Outlands.

Picture of the Day

This caused confusion to many as it resembles The Elephant Graveyard

more than The Outlands.

It also didn't help that the Outlands is the home to The Outsiders, and The Elephant Graveyard was the home to the hyenas (Nuka commented in Lion King 2 that they'd abandoned The Elephant Graveyard.) This causes debate to what The Lion Guard calls The Outlands, really is.

Things to Ponder

"Do other Prides have a Lion Guard?"

Yesterday I played around with the idea that Vitani might have been Lion Guard if Scar stayed in power. However, I'm now wondering if other Prides have Lion Guards, The Outlands don't seem to. Maybe only if there's a threat of danger to the Pride that a guard is needed. The Outsiders also don't see this as their permanent home, and plan to retake the Pride Lands. Do other Prides that are in risk of danger have them though? Perhaps.

What I'm doing today

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