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What I loved about loved about Spectre, is that is an homage to the classic bond films.

When looking up reviews to this movie, I always find it funny, that people actually complain that it "relies to heavily on the Bond formula". I've actually heard someone complain about him ordering a vodka martini shaken, not stirred.

Like it actually hurt the film for him that Bond ordered his signature drink. Uh hello, he's supposed to order that, he's James [email protected] Bond! With all the films recently, that are basically tributes to James Bond, (Kingsmen, Spy, etc.) you'd think the one film that should be like a James Bond film, is, oh I don't know, JAMES BOND!

But over all, I really liked the new bond film. Not only did I not mind that it started to steer away from the gritty realistic tone the previous Daniel Craig bond films had (by the way, I love Daniel Craig as 007), but that's what I liked about the film. At first it made sense for his movies to be more realistic, because they tell the origins of James Bond, at it makes sense for him not to use all those gadgets at first, because that technology doesn't yet exist in the Bond universe. But in the last film, Skyfall, we got to meet Q, who is the one who makes all of bonds gadgets.

So it makes sense that in the next installment, things will start to lean more towards Sci Fi, and a little less toward the gritty, dirty action film we've seen in Casino Royal. And it's not like the film abandons the dark tone all together, instead of calling Bond a spy, he's considered, and is, an assassin. (these Bond films just support my theory that they should make an Assassin's Creed game in the cold war). And the villain is really rather menacing, when he's actually in the movie that is.

I will admit I am a little disappointed that the main bad guy is not in this movie as much as I would have liked, he is still a good villain, again when you do see him, but that's more the fault of the writers, and not the character. I don't think it's really spoiling anything if I say that the main villain is the iconic Blofeld, AKA that dude who is always petting his cat. But it's kind of obvious that he would be the main bad guy of this film, after all it is called Spectre, which if you are a huge James Bond fan, you will likely know that Spectre is the organization run by Bond's arch nemesis, Blofeld, because of that you might as well have called it "James Bond 007: This One is Finally Going to Have That Guy Who Likes to pet his Cat, While sitting menacingly in the Shadows!" The inclusion of Bond's most Iconic baddie, adds to the films classic Bond feel. The introduction to this Iconic villain was done spectacularly! The first scene with Blofeld was so ominous and intense. During the whole scene he's in the shadows, and you can feel the fear in the characters. The whole scene has a very uneasy feeling (but in a good way) this is because the bad guy (Blofeld) is hidden in shadows the entire time. They don't even say his name in that scene (but let's face it, we all knew who he was). We couldn't even see him, but we could tell how scary he was, because of how the other characters behaved around him, and the chilling atmosphere of the scene, everything was so subtle and quite, nothing was thrown at you right away.

Another thing I loved about this scene, is that we learned about these villains and this world as Bond did. They didn't introduce the bad guy by just cutting away to a scene with him and basically just saying "OK so this is so and so, he will be our villain for the evening. got that? Good, now on with the show!" Everything we learn about Spectre's world, is the same thing Bond learns. This makes the movie feel more personal, we feel less like observers, and more like we are Bond himself, and we feel more like we are in this world (This is why I hate when sequels change the main characters, when you see a fictional world from too many different angles it starts to feel less personal, and more like a class on a fictional world, rather than feeling like your actually in the world).

If you like the classic Bond films, and if you like the gadgets, pretty women (that Bond sleeps with), cool cars with guns and missiles and flame throwers, menacing villains, and bad ass action, you'll love this movie! If you don't like that stuff, well maybe you should just stay away from Bond films.


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