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I love DC, I'm fan of Harley Quinn and I mostly cosplay her! I love to read her comics. I love going to cons and cosplaying.
Stephanie Mcewen

We all love Harley Quinn! Some of us love to dress up like her too. So I'd love to know why some of us love her? Is it because she's sexy and smart. Or because she can make you smile by saying something silly.

I asked in the Harley Quinn army group and Harley Quinn cosplayers group, why do they like her so much and why do you cosplay as Harley?

Some of the cosplayers I've spoke to say they feel close to her and that she's an amazing character. So many people love the classic Harley Quinn, a lot of the people like all of her costumes.
A lot of people have an opinion on some of Harley costumes and drawings. But we still love her.

But here is some of comments from some of the members from the groups.

Abigail: I love Harley Personally as her personality is the complete opposite of my own, she is bubbly and outgoing! yet I am timid and laid back. So when I cosplay her I can break out of my shell of shyness and be happy and joyful for a day
Charmaine: Because I can relate to her more than I can any other comic book character that I've come across. I see a lot of myself in her and that's why I enjoy portraying her as I see it as a more exaggerated version of myself at times haha
Vee: She's a glimpse of all women encapsulated in a person.crazy,sexy,beautiful,cute.

what do you think of the New 52?

Keikora: I love the new 52 series!! Although I'm still trying to get used to what they're doing with the Suicide Squad movie.. All around I've read a couple of the New 52 comics and they're rather dark (in my opinion) but still very good
Abigail: I love the story line! And I also love her outfit, it was a very drastic jump from the classic and I don't like how they changed her blonde hair. But other than those things it's great!
It has been a big change from the classic jumpsuit and blonde hair, but it does give us a different look on how she's grown as a character and with out the joker. She's a more happier character and has more freedom from the joker!

What do you think of Margot Robbie Suicide Squad movie?

Charmaine: We can't really give a proper opinion yet as the movie is yet to come out but from the trailer and what pictures I've seen I'm very excited for this version of Harley and do think I'm going to love margot robbie's portrayal of her.
Lito: I think Margot Robbie is gorgeous and I'm excited about her interpretation but the design leaves me a bit cold.
I do love that DC is now give us the chance to see Harley Quinn on the big screen! I do love margot Robbie and I hope she does great! But I'm also hoping they bring in some of her classic outfits as an Easter egg or something. Hopefully we'll see budd and Lou!

What's your favourite Harley Quinn outfit and why?

Charmaine: I know this is an unpopular opinion but I love the suicide squad movie outfit as soon as I saw it I loved it and knew I'd have to cosplay that outfit.I know a lot of people hate it though so don't expect anyone to agree with me.
Clair: I really like the Assault on Arkham outfit as its a nod to her origin but a bit more modern and practical.
Injustice Harley is one of my favourites! She looks playful, cute but hot and the bells on the outfit make it work! Also she kicks so much ass looking like this!

How did you Find Harley Quinn and what made you love her so much?

Keikora: When I was a child I used to watch Batman the animated series.. back then Poison Ivy was my favorite character, but then I gradually grew to love Quinn just as much if not more
Shannon: My love of the animated series as a kid, I saw a smart, fun, blonde heroin and wanted to be like her... thus a little anarchist was born
Clair: I was late to the party with this one. I fell in love with her after playing now Arkham Asylum

We all love Harley Quinn and talking to the fans is great! So great opinions.

Some of the members have great opinions and fun answers like!
•Shannon: She's crazy, amazing, stupid but smart, a beautiful psycho that warms our hearts
•Alex: Because that jumpsuit is hot!!!
•Lito: For my wife I think it's because of the reason stated by Abigail: it allows my wife to do things like this picture. To be a silly clown, which people don't normally expect from a beautiful blonde. To come out of her shell a little. To make people laugh more, smile a lot, and appreciate her beauty and sexuality in a non-conventional presentation of sorts.

Love for Harley Quinn in these groups are amazing! What do you like about Harley Quinn?


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