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It was just recently when the world found out Gunnar Hansen passed away. The actor had been in several movies over the years, but was best known for his iconic portrayal as Leatherface. So in the memory of Mr. Hansen, I want to count down five moments he scared the mess out of us in 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'.

5. She Almost Made It!

Would you believe that Leatherface was almost as scared as the girl he was chasing? Well it's true! Since he's been completely introverted, it terrifies him to see strangers come around.... for more reasons than one. That's part of why the scene above was so scary as well. You get a real sense of panic and urgency from Leatherface.

4. Out Of Nowhere

Sally and Franklin, the final two kids of their group, start to realize their friends aren't coming back. So they head into the pitch black woods with only a flashlight and curiosity. Then out of no where, Leatherface comes in and saws right into poor Franklin and his wheelchair. The scariest part of this scene is not only the utter shock, but also seeing Leatherface's hideous mask surface out of complete darkness.

3. Leatherface Slams A Door In Anger

Not much to say about this one besides it's utter brilliance. You can really feel the anger and frustration from Leatherface in this scene too. He's just so darn tired of these kids coming in his house!

2. Leatherface Is Coming!

Who wouldn't be scared of a six foot, 200 pound, man running after you full speed with a chainsaw? No one! And back around the time this movie came out, there weren't any horror films doing anything similar to that. So it was all the more terrifying!

1. Leatherface Loses It!

In the final scene of the film, Leatherface vents the frustration of not capturing his final victim in an extremely maniacal manner. Which was swinging his still running chainsaw around at thin air. Nothing screams, "I'm a psychopathic murderer" more than that right?

Gunnar Hansen has done the very best job at playing Leatherface still to this day. And I doubt anyone will top his terrifying portrayal of the slasher icon.


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