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I'm completely addicted to Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. I've been collecting since 2012 and own over 300 and counting! (Oh, I also have a wife
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Freaking Batmans, man. Uh... Batmen... Batmanmens? Whatever. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! Look at this, barely 12 Pops into my collection and I already have three Batmanmens on the list!

When the New 52 hit, some comics changed a lot, some changed very little. Batman didn't change too much at all, but the story lines did seem to get more intense - especially with the introduction of the Court of Owls, which I cannot wait to see be translated into Pop form, I hope I hope.

The Review:

I really like the New 52 set of Pops, which are still coming out (New 52 Reverse Flash just came out as a Fugitive Toys exclusive last month). That being said, I feel like some of them have some big flaws compared to the normal variations. And the worst of these for me is New 52 Batman.

I will first comment on the smeared Bat logo on mine. That will not be a part of this review because is it a defect and not like this on most New 52 Batman Pops. So, that aside, the logo is actually pretty cool. It's bigger than the standard Batman's logo and the bodysuit lines enhance the feel of it, but only on the chest.

When it comes to the arms and especially the legs, those body-suit contour lines look terrible. It looks like my kid went at this Pop with a Sharpie.

Aside from the logo and lines, this Pop is not much different than the typical Batman Pop, except for one more key spot: the Cowl. If you look closely, you an see that the sides of the mouth hole are painted in a little further. It's supposed to be just more of the mask jutting out, but because the head mold in the same and this is just painted over a part of the mouth area, it kinda looks like mutton chops. But only kinda.

Over all, out of the two dozen or so Batman Pops that I now own, this one is probably on the bottom of the list or at least near it.

Rating: 4/10

Pros: Bat symbol is bolder/bigger. Chest contour lines stand out (in a good way). Still basically the classic Batman Pop I know and love.

Cons: The arm and leg contour lines stand out (in a bad way). The additional mask paint looks odd. Probably the worst of the New 52 variants. One of a bazillion Batman variants (which makes me appreciate them all less).

Estimated Value: $13.00 (According to the Pop Price Guide!)


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