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Now then before I begin, I know that I usually write about fantasy and rarely give new ideas for movies. However, I believe this article will mix together several horror movie franchises and make watching all of them scream and slay-filled fun fun for fans again.

I assume everyone knows that Paranormal Activity centers on supposedly fan-made films using high tech equipment to record what happens when we sleep at night.

Now then, my theory is that fans were okay with the first two movies but what if, instead of these taking place in ordinary homes, they took place in the actual homes of the victims of the most legendary slasher killers in horror movie history! Is it possible their spirits never left after they died, but silently haunted these residences forever?

Camp Crystal Lake, if it existed, would have limbless, decapitated and gory adult teenagers and children spirits engaged in the camping activities. No doubt Carol Voorhees (Jason Voorhees' mother) would be cheerfully tormenting them for eternity with her murder weapon still stuck inside her broken body.

Elm Street would be haunted, as well as the nearby asylums, by all of Freddy Krueger's deceased victims. How would they react if their spirits could be recorded? Would Freddy be tormenting them by forcing them to relive their deaths forever or would "The Dream Master" have a new team of post-mortal teenagers helping her defeat him there?

Haddonfield, Illinois and the asylum there and the private academy in California would be full of the teenagers and adults Michael Myers has slaughtered and massacred over the course of his rampage (I'm only counting from the original Halloween to Halloween: Resurrection because I never have seen any of the versions by Rob Zombie). How would all these souls be acting in the afterlife?

Then, there's Chucky. Who would have guessed such a tiny doll would be responsible for the slaughter of so many children, teenagers and adults in his quest to possess a living body once again? I have lost count of how many cities and states fell victim to the horror he was, but I am certain somewhere his original spirit is very amused watching all his victims trying to avoid his traps.

From Ireland to the United States, we next pick up the trail of The Leprechaun. All that mass-killing, just because everyone thinks the legend is fable and in turn, people pay with their lives for stealing his bag of gold coins.

The list can go on forever! But the point is that featuring the victims of these Horror legends would create a brand new franchise whilst also making horror fun for fans again.


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