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Halloween is long over, but if you're like me, you love watching scary movies all year long. Well, recently I rewatched Hocus Pocus and something stood out to me that I never really noticed. We know the story, the Sanderson sisters are sentenced to death after kidnapping Emily Binx and taking her life force. Three hundred years later, Max - a virgin - lights the black flame candle which brings the witches back from the dead. With the help of his younger sister, his crush, and a talking cat, Max must find a way to stop the witches before everyone they enjoy a buffet of children. But what if this was exactly how things were supposed to happen?

Okay, so hear me out! Not all witches are bad, right? Some witches use their powers for good. So is it possible that Allison could have been a white witch whose purpose in the movie was to stop the Sanderson Sisters once and for all?

There was one scene that stood out from all the rest. It's a small exchange between the sisters and Allison, when the witches break into Max's home and kidnap Dani. It happens right after Winifred sends Max flying into the wall, Allison uses salt to create a circle around herself and an unconscious Max.

Okay, maybe she's not really a witch and it could just be that Winifred mistook her for one. But, Allison did know a lot about the Sanderson sisters and the black flame candle. She does explain to Max that her mother used to run the museum in the witches cottage. She obviously spent a lot of time at the museum, so there's a possibility she could have learned some witchcraft while she was there. I think it's more than a coincidence that after 300 years, some airhead virgin would light the black flame candle and bring back the witches.

Speaking of virgins lighting the candles. Why is it that Max was the one to light the candle? Dani wouldn't have lit the candle because she was too scared. But if Allison really was a white witch intent on destroying the Sandersons, why didn't she light the candle? Well that's because Allison wasn't a virgin. I mean there's no way of knowing for sure, but Max's virginity played a huge role in movie. I think that some how Allison knew, or had hoped, that Max was indeed a virgin and would light the candle to impress her. But what about Thackery Binx? He was cursed to live an immortal life as a cat vowing to protect the black flame candle. So why does he let a bonehead virgin like Max to light it?

If Thackery really spent his entire cat life watching over the candle, wouldn't he and Allison have met before? Even if he never actually talked to her, you would think she would've at least seen him before? Well, of course! For the most part, newly discovered witches are accompanied by familiars. Usually in the form of an animal companion, familiars are a sort of spirit guide for witches who are learning how to use their powers. Is it possible that Thackery was Allison's familiar? If he was, and if Allison wanted to stop the witches, maybe she told him to let Max light the candle so that the Sanderson sisters could come back and be defeated once and for all.

Allison and Thackery were in cahoots, and they used Max and Dani as a way to bring back the Sanderson sisters and help them defeat the witches.


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