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So, Batman. He's a pretty popular guy. However, with all the exposure he gets, there are always going to be some problems with how much we see him, and a couple of issues regarding how he is portrayed. So let’s break down a few different pet peeves of mine regarding the Caped Crusader.

Stop making him so dark

Yes, one of his nicknames is literally The dark knight, and yes, the dark, brooding version of the character is one of the best methods for telling certain types of stories about him, potentially even for telling the best stories. However, contrary to what the fandom has now made popular belief, it isn’t his default character setting. Hell, he went over forty-five years of being almost as light-hearted as Superman until Frank Miller introduced the idea of him being more of a sociopathic anti-hero than a superhero. So when it comes to comics, that’s what we tend to run with nowadays, though I think that the more fun version of the Batman is one that’s severely under appreciated. I’m not talking Batman ‘66 here (although I do love that show) but I really do think that, for example, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, or to a lesser extent, Batman: The Animated Series were fantastically enjoyable shows that captured a more straight forwardly heroic version of Bruce Wayne while still remaining completely true to his roots.

He doesn’t always win

Batman represents the peak of human ability. By extension, he does whatever is humanly possible. Whereas Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter et al are virtually gods, Batman is simply a god among men. The whole point of the hero is to show the world what a man in a mask is capable of. So, while he can beat anyone through ingenuity and his unbelievably tactical mind, in the majority of circumstances, Batman just cannot defeat literal gods like Darkseid. If he’s fighting for the good of his fellow person then sure, he’ll always find some way to protect said man, that’s kind of his superpower in a sense, but the idea of him as this unbeatable, has a plan for everything; badass deus ex machina is not only stupid, but contradictory to what he represents.

Robin is awesome

Every single character to have been Robin in mainstream continuity is awesome and just as worthy of a solo film than Batman himself. So why does everyone think that they’re all campy, stupid and annoying damsels in distress? Was it Batman & Robin? Because if it was, then why doesn’t everyone think that Batman is equally campy and stupid? Each Robin has so much going for them that they each have the right to their own article at some point. Dick Grayson is the son Bruce Wayne takes in, raises and lets choose his own path, and the two reflect each other. Jason Todd is an incredible character due to his death, rebirth, and challenging of everything Batman is, making him Bruce’s greatest failure. Tim Drake is a truly gifted detective, solving Batman’s secret identity and stopping his mentor from crossing any lines after Jason’s aforementioned death. There are others, but I don’t have all day here and again, I do them a discredit by summarizing them so brielfy. So the point is, stop snubbing Robin, and let’s see him get a bit of the spotlight.

Give Bats a break

Look, I know DC do Batman better than any other character, but that’s only because they refuse to give any other heroes a fighting chance. Wonder Woman has been around almost as long as Batman, and has been just as awesome for that time, yet she is only next year getting her live-action debut. In a film where Batman gets top billing no less. He’s an awesome character, yes, but between the several films, dozens of TV shows, games and all the rest, I’m getting a little sick of it. Seriously, how much more can he give us before we all get bored of him? Not much is my guess. So please, please focus on other characters and make Batman less prominent both in animation and the upcoming DC film universe. Because he may be the hero we deserve, but he sure ain’t the one I need right now.

Wrapping Up...

Thanks once again fro your time guys, I hope you had a blast reading. If you agree, awesome! Let us know your biggest pet peeve down below. But if you disagree, then please do say why in the comments. Either way though, until next time, enjoy your life.


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