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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

The world of PC games is filled with tons of surprise hits. With big name titles such as Call Of Duty, Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront and with a bunch more set to be released as we round out the end of this wonderful year for gaming, a few surprises could easily slip through the cracks. Warhammer: The End Times is definitely one of those games.

Does this game reinvent the wheel? No, but it is a hell of a lot of fun! If you are a fan of an awesome first-person, co-op game this is the one for you! Here's why the game is so awesome!

The combat is outstanding!

Very few games can master the art of first-person combat. A lot of PC games suffer from clunky controls and movement that simply isn't smooth enough at all. Let me tell you, Warhammer: The End Times does it extremely well. Whether it is a sword or a firearm, the controls feel silky smooth and respond perfectly. When you have a swarm of giant rats around you, the controls have to be perfect and they are pulled off perfectly well here.

Gameplay is intense!

The best way to play Warhammer: The End Times is with friends. This is definitely a game you have to play co-op if you expect to get very far. The difficulty is set pretty high, so you can't just run right through it. These rats come hard and they come heavy! If you try and go off by yourself to face a whole swarm of the rodents solo - you will get the inevitable result of death!

The game can get really scary!

Call me "chicken," but I found myself actually getting scared in the middle of some of the combat. These rats are really creepy and when you see one of these Incredible Hulk-like rats charging toward you, I guarantee your heart will begin to race. Playing with a group of friends and hearing their screams only enhances the experience. This isn't a game for the faint of heart, that is for dang sure.

I highly recommend Warhammer: The End Times!

If you are looking for a great first-person action game then this is definitely the game for you! Think like Left for Dead mixed with Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The co-op experience is really special and at a price point of only $29.99 it can't be beat! Thank you to Moviepilot for allowing me to get access to the game early and it is definitely one that I would recommend picking up! VERMINTIDE!

Rating: 9/10

Platform: PC and Mac via Steam


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