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In a galaxy far, far away. That's probably what you were thinking when you heard they were making a seventh Star Wars. It's been a long journey since that news, but the wait is almost over, with Star Wars7: The Force Awakens less than two months away and the trailers already being released. But what should we expect from this massive blockbuster? Well, that's what this article is all about, letting you know what I think are the 4 things that you should expect from Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

4) Lightsaber Battles

One of the biggest things that the Star Wars saga is known for is its epic lightsaber battles. They have captivated us, intrigued us, and made us all want a lightsaber ever since we first watched the movies. The Force Awakens will be no exception.

3) Amazing Visual Effects

When Star Wars was released back in 1977, the visual effects were extremely ahead of its time. Even looking back on the movie 38 years later, they are still fairly impressive. But even though we may only have trailers to rely on, we can still tell that this blockbuster will be pleasing to the eyes.

2) Plot Twists

Plot twists are what built the Star Wars saga. It's what made it great. The Empire Strikes Back arguably has the biggest plot twist of all time, revealing that Darth Vader was indeed Luke Skywalker's father. If J.J. Abrams plans on making this a successful trilogy, he better include at least one plot twist.

1) The Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time

As I stated earlier, the original Star Wars premiered 38 years ago. That may sound like a disadvantage, but with that much history comes a massive fan-base. You have your older audience who watched the original trilogy, and then you have your younger audience who watched the prequels. All those factors will give the movie a larger audience than we have ever seen before. And you know what that means; people equals more money.

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