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For those of you closely following news headlines regarding the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3, you may be aware that Square Enix has dropped the ball with fans fairly recently. The gaming company promised a trailer release at D23 Japan on November 3rd, but as we sit here almost a week later, Square Enix still has nothing to show.

The for the delay of the trailer release is still unknown as Square Enix has done very little to clear up the misunderstanding, but they did take the time to send this tweet out to fans:

Despite this response from the game creators, fans still do not appear too happy about the lack of content.

There is also this sobering realization:

The most concerning aspect of the Kingdom Hearts tweet is the fact that the company said nothing specific about a trailer, but rather stated that "we will let you know when we have more to share." As of now, the game has no firm release date or even release window, so fans are hanging on to any bit of information they can get concerning the highly anticipated, almost mythical Kingdom Hearts 3.


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