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Its no secret that Robert Downey Jr. takes home bags of money after filming anything for Marvel. Recently, the take home earnings of each major avenger was released by Comic Book Movie. I was actually (pleasantly) surprised by who took home the most amount of money behind Iron Man, but even more shocked by how little (in comparison) the other 4 Avengers made (there has been no news on how much Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, or James Spader made) Below are how much each Avenger took home after filming Age of Ultron, starting with least to most. It was also my guess that screen time played a huge role in how much each actor has played so that will be listed as well. So without further ado, the salaries of each Avenger from bottom to top!

6) Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner/Hulk $2.8 Million

Screen Time 24 minutes

2.8 million dollars doesn't seem bad to the average joe. I've never seen that much money in my life and I'm sure most of my readers haven't either. However, it is also super low compared to his costars. However, the CGI to create the Hulk is rather costly, and Mark Ruffalo, despite providing the mo-cap for that process, wasn't really on screen as Bruce Banner all that much. The screen time above indicates the combined amount of screen time for Bruce and Hulk.

5) Chris Hemsworth - Thor $5.4 Million

Screen Time - 14 Minutes

Chris Hemsworth made nearly double the amount of money that Mr. Ruffalo did. He also had considerable less amount of screen time than Mark. It's almost as if Thor was relegated to a second rate hero for the second Avengers movie. He goes off on his own to discuss his Scarlet Witch induced dream with Dr. Selvig and is only involved in action sequences when absolutely necessary. Although, some of the movie's best moments come from Thor's reactions. The look on his face when Cap can almost lift the hammer, and when the Vision hands him Mjolner are some of the funniest moments in the movie!

4) Jeremy Renner - Hawkeye $6.1 Million

Screen Time - 20 minutes

Hawkeye is personally one of my favorite comic book characters and I'm so glad he played a more important role in the sequel than he did in the first Avengers. It's no surprise Renner made more than Hemsworth due to a couple of factors. 1) More screen time and 2) he's a bigger name in Hollywood are some of the contributing items. His 20 minutes of screen time is much better than his pathetic 12 minutes he had in the first installment. And I for one am looking forward to whatever his role might be in Captain America Civil War. Speaking of which....

3) Chris Evans - Captain America $6.9 Million

Screen Time - 50 Minutes

Captain America was truly the star of Avengers Age of Ultron. He had the most time out of all the avengers with nearly an hour's worth of on screen action. The next closest, is Iron Man who clocks in around 45 minutes. I absolutely love Cap and think he should've made a bit more money, and you'll see why once you see how much the other two made. Given how much screen time Cap had and how large of a role he played, it seems odd he only made slightly (in Hollywood standards that is) more than Jeremy Renner. You'll be seeing more of Captain America soon though!

2) Scarlet Johansson - Black Widow $20 Million

Screen Time - 33 Minutes

There has been a huge outcry in Hollywood for women to get paid more, and seeing how much Scarlet Johansson made, makes it seem like some of those cries are being heard. Equal pay for women is a huge issue in pretty much every industry, but it looks like just maybe Marvel (and therefor Disney) are starting to pay their women quite well. Black Widow actually had less screen time in Age of Ultron than she did in the Avengers (a whole minute less), but she was intergral to the plot and is one of the longest members of of the MCU having gotten her start in Iron Man 2. She made nearly just as much as four of her male Avenger buddies (their combined total being around $21 million) and that seems like a huge step forward to me! (Now if only she could get her own movie)

1) Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man $40 Million

Screen Time - 45 Minutes

Alright, we get it, RDJ makes more money for one movie than I will ever make in a lifetime, can we stop rubbing it in? It was no secret that RDJ was getting paid the big bucks for his MCU escapades, but that much?!? Twice as much as the second highest paid actor (or in this case actress)? That seems a bit ridiculous. Hey RDJ? Why not share some of that dough with Mark? You two seem to be great buddies.

We'll be seeing most of these faces again soon in the upcoming MCU film Captain America Civil War! Which I for one cannot wait for!

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