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Thanks to the last trailer released for The Flash's season 2, episode 6 we have some of our best close up shots of Zoom since his first appearance. On these new images we can spot some small bits of information and appearance clues on who Zoom might ultimately be.

a close up of Zoom.
a close up of Zoom.

Now in this image we can't discern a lot of things about Zoom. At best we can see the colour of his eyes facing an unindentified source of orange light. The colour of which is light brown, although that is up for dispute due to the orange light of the aforementioned source. Nevertheless we can still consider that his eye colour is a brighter one.

another close up of Zoom
another close up of Zoom

On the other hand here things are quite different. First of all this shot confirms our earlier observation of Zoom's light-brown eyes as the lightsource of the previous shot is behind him this time. Secondly we can see his eye's shape, form and some of the skin surrounding it. Most notably, we can observe the shape of his eyes moving slightly downwards, a little shaggy skin beneath his eyes and no visible eyebrows (although that can be a fault of his black make up)
Now that we have our info about Zoom let's look up the primary candidates for his indentity.

First candidate : an Evil Barry.
First and foremost, I mostly believe this theory on Zoom's indentity but I will do my best to stay unbiased for this one. Well, Grant Gustin is a tricky person to indentify by his eyes. If you watch closely (not at this image) his eyes are blueish with tints of brown here and there. Yet as you see the way his eyes are portrayed in this picture(which is why I chose this one) they seem brownish, bearing resemblance to Zoom's in the first photo and a little less so on the second one. Moreover the lines under his eyes (I have no idea what are they called) can be the one explaining the "shaggyness" of the skin beneath Zoom's eyes.
On the off side though the things that cross off this theory are the shape of his eyes. As seen on this image Grant's eyes' shape are heavily pointing downwards way more than Zoom's and at the same time he has very expressed eyebrows which would be fairly more visible on Zoom's mask.
All in all althought this image kinda debunks the Barry Allen is Zoom theory it is still possible. I'll give it a 30% chance.

John Weasly Shipps
John Weasly Shipps

Second Candidate : Henry Allen, Barry's father.
Let's be fair and comment on how well the casting of Henry Allen was for the CW Flash. John's eyes actually look a lot like Grant's. They have a similar colour palette of eyes and simirarly shaped wrinkles under them as well. They also both have really expressed eyebrows. And while with all this information someone might think that, this theory is debunked by the same arguments that the previous one did. Well it doesn't. While yes this theory has the same flaws as the previous one it has the same points either which were increased by images of Zoom showing him more bulky than Barry.
And there is also a background more technical aspect of this theory that John while has exited the show on screen, still remains a series regular. No TV series would pay an actor if he is not appearing in any episode.

Third candidate : Eddie Thawne
This theory was a fan favourite since the blue footage at comic con.
We all thought that Eddie was destined to become a villian. With his light hearted and good nature and of course his surename, everyone waited for the twist the gradual decend into madness and yet, it never happened. (Spoilers) Eddie died at the end of season 1 killing himself to save his friends. Yet his body was not buried. Instead it was sucked into the Singularity above Central City probably floating for a good portion of space-time inside that hole. While his facial features surely indicate him being a possibility with similar lines under his eyes and a little less defined eyebrows he still has some quite promiment blue eyes which would be a giveaway on the Zoom images. Moreover the actor's exit from the show might put a tombstone on this theory.
It is still possible but unlikely.

Fourth Candidate: Harrison Wells (earth - 2)
This is one of the most unlikely scenarios. First of all, Harrison was already the villian in the first season making it kinda boring for this season to have the exact same villian. But not only that but Wells's ocean blue eyes and nearly lineless one's as well point to him NOT being the villian of this season.

Concluding, there are also other floating theories about Zoom being either Joe or Wally West, these two both seem unlikely as both characters have deep brown eyes indicating no connection to Zoom.

That doens't mean that my predictions and analysis are 100% true they might also wear contact lenses for all I know, but these are my 2 cents and I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.


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