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James Wood

Limitless sucked. I remember watching it feeling an overwhelming abundance of mediocrity. Now whenever I think back to it I realise how sucky it was. Lucy does not suck, Lucy is absolutely terrific. Luc Besson’s unique vision of what happens when a human unlocks more than 20% of their cerebral capacity is bold, explosive and stunning, and thanks to another unforgettable performance from Scarlett Johansson, this 2014 science fiction action vehicle has the brains and brawn to stave off bigger budgeted blockbusters and stick with you long after.

This epic action sci-fi took in over $450,000,000, Scarlett Johansson’s box office stature impresses, so much so that a sequel is on the cards. Whilst I’m unsure what the creators could possibly do for a second film, I’m content with watching this one over and over. Used as a drug mule amidst a dark deal, Lucy is exposed to a lethal amount of a synthetic substance. As the package leaks through her body she unlocks the ability to open certain parts of her brain. With the power to fight back against her captors, Lucy’s unique ability grows turning her into a super warrior, but what will happen when she hits 100%…

Talking about a sequel, my theory that could work as a good story is have Lucy, who after the events of this film, is everywhere. Capitalise on her omnipotence, she could morph into anything and everything. Sci-fi is such an open genre, anything goes. However, how do you top Lucy? It is action packed throughout, never taking any stops to explain story. Lucy is on her feet non-stop, car chases, shootouts, brain games, kidnap and great battles. Luc Besson lets the pace race by fast and loose, it's suitable seeing as Lucy herself only has a matter of hours before she is finished as the drug takes over her body and mind. Such a crazy concept demands the need to suspend your disbelief, however, I find this a smart and awesome vision of brainpower, so I just enjoy the science behind it and how it melds with Besson's insane vision.

Scarlett Johansson is magnificent. Watch how she changes from the opening right to the finish. Johansson nails it as a carefree student who then becomes a terrified innocent woman, to a smart, efficient fighter eventually morphing into a force of nature. Without ever turning robotic or campy, Johansson maintains a semblance of humanity as well as superbly portraying someone who is losing touch with their very own humanity. Morgan Freeman brings that soothing voice of his to the film, his voice playing over nature clips is like the best animal documentary that was never made. Amr Waked delivers a few chuckles as a baffled cop who reacts to Lucy's powers as he assists her, and Choi Min-Sik is a terrific bad guy, his first appearance is delightfully violent as he breathes a sigh of relief splattered in blood, shortly after killing two people.

Eric Serra's soundtrack echoes his previous work heard in Goldeneye, I love the style it brings to the action. This is a very operatic film, the shootout between the bad guys and the cops is epic, slow motion explosions and slick gun moves left me cheering in awe. Look at the photo I used as a cover for this review, that shot is one of the coolest looking pieces of cinematography I've seen, I love this moment in the film where Lucy reaches out controlling the data in the air, the colour and seamless blend of practical and special effects is tremendous. I love this film, it never has a dull moment, with each repeat viewing it seems to get better and better. Don't miss this!


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