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Batman vs Superman will undoubtedly be the best movie of 2016. But as far as wondering who'll win the battle... I've already figured that out!

4. His Mech Suit - Self Preservation

We all know Batman can't go toe-to-toe with Superman. Even with the best armor he could still lose easily. That's not always what his armor is for though. The director of Batman vs. Superman has already said it himself, the new Mech suit will only keep him in the fight longer... the suit enhances his preservation.

3. Gadgets

While Superman has a wide array of powers, Batman can easily get around them with his gadgets. It's almost impossible to tell what he's gonna pull outta that utility belt next, but it could definitely give Batman the win.

2. Intelligence

C'mon now, we all know Batman has a brain Superman can not compete with. And brains outdo brawn's any day!

1. Kryptonite

This was obviously gonna be number one guys. Superman hasn't dealt with Kryptonite yet in the DCEU. And when Batman gets hold of it, the fight will be as good as over!


Who do you think will win in BvS?


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