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Daniel Azbel

Yeah... about The Program....I don't think it was that great. It could have been a great, in depth analysis of Lance Armstrong..... but it wasn't near that. It was silly, to a point where it was cringeworthy at times. I feel that one of the main reasons it was disappointing was that the people who made this felt like making Lance Armstrong look bad was more of a priority than making a good movie, so it doesn't go as deep as it could have. I was still somewhat intrigued throughout. Ben Foster's portrayal of Lance Armstrong was good, but his acting as a whole was weak. Plus, the ending felt very underwhelming. And it's measly 100 minute run time doesn't allow the filmmakers to include crucial and important facts about Lance Armstrong. Among all the negatives, I feel like this movie is going to make me think for months on end, and I really feel like it could spark some really heated and interesting conversations and debates.



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