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So, Twilight's author, Stephanie Meyer, published a gender-swapped version of Twilight following the first book's ten year anniversary. I read the book, seeing as I had nothing better to do..... and I believe I have wasted two hours of my life.

For those unaware, Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined is Stephanie Meyer's way of addressing the first books criticism. Meyer herself has stated that:

"You know, Bella has always gotten a lot of censure for getting rescued on multiple occasions, and people have always complained about her being a typical damsel in distress.... {Bella}’s also been criticized for being too consumed with her love interest, as if that’s somehow just a girl thing. But I’ve always maintained that it would have made no difference if that human were male and the vampire female—it’s still the same story.”

However, unfortunately for Meyer, the books changed nothing about how the story was different. Well.... at least it did in one way. The main problem is with the gender-swapped version of Bella Swan(or in this case Beau). They changed the one thing that everyone (who wasn't a crazy twiheart) hated about the character so it followed gender norms.

Beau does not feel any insecurity like Bella did

I know what you're saying about how annoying Bella's bruding self consciousness was in the books and movies and everything (But trust me, I hated it too). But at least it was something that filled all 498 pages of the damn thing. It gave a glimpse into her head, be it a bit gender normative, but it still showed the thoughts of a teenager, no matter how bland they were.

It was different with Beau. He was like Bella, but take away all of the self monologue. He's a generic character who is even MORE boring to follow for nearly four hundred pages. It denied the opportunity for Beau to think about himself before entering a relationship, which is something Bella at least had the chance to do EVENTUALLY in that book series.

But Is It An Accurate Translation?

... Allow me to be blunt about this, I would look for better fanfiction to read. It did not change any of the controversy of the book. If she was going for that, she should have made Beau exactly the same character-wise as Bella. It's closer to a change in species with Bella being the vampire and Edward being the human than it being Beau and Edythe (don't even get me started on their names).

Rather than being a gender-swap to prove the critics wrong, Stephanie Meyer merely gave them more things to critique. Midnight Sun (the story from Edward's POV) would have been more interesting, but I guess we won't be getting that, now won't we?


What do you think? Is Life and Death as bad as this?


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