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...te the secrets regarding their childhood origins. Returning to Wundagore Mountain, they met Bova and learned the truth of their parentage-- they were, in fact, the children of Magneto. His wife, the gypsy Magda, had fled from Magneto, terrified of the sudden manifestation of his power and intentions of world domination. Magda found her way to the tiny nation of Transia, finding refuge with Bova, a woman evolved from a cow by Wundagore’s High Evolutionary. Magda gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, with Bova as her midwife, but was still afraid of her husband, and left Bova her children. Several nights later, a vacationing couple (the Whizzer and Miss America in their civilian identities) also needed refuge as the wife midwife assistance. Unfortunately, the couple's child was stillborn, and Miss America died in childbirth. Bova hoped to award Magda’s children to him instead, but the Whizzer fled from Wundagore upon hearing of his wife's death, nearly insane with grief. Bova instead presented the twins to the High Evolutionary, who found Django and Marya Maximoff, a gypsy couple camped nearby who had lost their own twin children, Ana and Mateo, during World War II. They cared for the children as their own. More on


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