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Alesha Gilliam

Well even though came out about two weeks ago I finally had time to go see it. I have to give this film thumb up and thumb down. Visually the movie looked great along with the good casting choices. did a good job when it came to his character. However the negative of the movie is that their was no meat to the story. I felt that the story and plot were ok but I didn't feel a sense of urgency from really anyone. The freakin world is crashing around them and the only fear I saw was in . Even Elijah wood was not a good casting choice for this movie. His character lacked personality and really any true emotion. Vin Deisals character didnt really show any signs of sadness or regret. He just seemed like a badass hunter who just wanted to save the world. I can see why this movie was a flop. This is a forsure a not a must see.


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