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I've read the book, I've seen the movie, and now I'm going to talk about it.
Alanna Cecilia

It's getting to be that time of year when the days get shorter and darker, and when it gets harder and harder to think cheery thoughts. It's in times like these that we need a little help from our (celebrity) friends to start smiling again. Take a look at some of these very happy stars, and hopefully you'll start smiling along.

Daniel Radcliffe

Look at that earnest smile. The Boy Who Lived himself is happy to see you.

Benedict Cumberbatch

See, even dour Sherlock Holmes cracks a smile every now and then.

Zoe Saldana

She's been green, she's been blue, but she never stays that way.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans

Sticking with Marvel stars for a moment, here's a twofer. To make it better? This was part of their plan to benefit children's hospitals.

Scarlett Johansson

Remember: your smile is as beautiful as ScarJo's.

Idris Elba

If everyone had a smile like Idris Elba's, the world would be an even more beautiful place.

Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law seems to divide her time evenly between smiling, laughing, making goofy faces, and participating in dangerous sporting events.

Kit Harrington

Okay, we'll get some Game of Thrones love in here. This is the smile of a man determined to cheer up everyone in the room.

Tom Hiddleston

I'm not saying he's last because his smile is my favorite, but...his smile is my favorite.


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