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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
Aiko Abercromby

Recently I came across a kick-ass YouTube channel which takes some of our favorite anime, comic and video game characters and pits them against each other in an epic rap battle! Yeah you heard me correctly - rap battle! How fucking cool is that? Cooler than you could ever think! I stayed up later than I should have watching them back-to-back-to... you get the point! I've watched about 40! Anyway, I thought why not share my top 5 favorites with you! So sit back and prepare to pick who wins these rap battles!

5. Bane vs. The Joker

This was so fun to listen to! You would think The Joker would be the coolest rapper but I have to give it to Bane, to me he spit his ass off! I still love The Joker, don't get me wrong!

4. Beetlejuice vs. Scarcrow

I love this one so much, Beetlejuice's rap was dope AF! Scarecrow... dude you fell short here. I swear The Infinite Source is a genius for making these videos!

3. Kratos vs. Dante

This is one awesome rap battle! I don't know if it's because the rap is just so damn dope or because two of my favorite game characters are having a rap off. Either way you look at it's a super fun watch and listen!

2. Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

I legit couldn't pick a winner, I wanted to pick my buddy Deadpool, just because, well, he's Deadpool! But Deathstroke held his own! Two awesome ass characters - like, how do you choose?!

1. Naruto vs. Sasuke

This one is my no.1 for obvious reasons - like it's Naruto and Sasuke, enough said! For me in this one Sasuke totally kicked Naruto's ass! I'm sorry Naruto but you lost so badly!

Awesome-sauce right? I know it's the coolest thing I've seen on YouTube since I found free music! If you enjoyed these be sure to throw a subscribe his way and check out the rest of his channel here. Thanks for reading and let me know which of the 5 were your favorite in the comments! Follow for more of my articles and Happy Holidays!


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