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Alot of people have been saying that Grant Gustin (Flash) and Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) would not be able bring their two characters into the big screen, but what if there was a possibility? Think about it, we're witnessing their origins including Oliver Queen's origin which is still going through most of the season during flashbacks. Barry Allen's story and his origin has processing throughout of the first season and wanted to get revenge of his mother's killer.

I wanted to see to be in Justice League movie that'll be coming soon (much sooner) and will be joining with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, and Martian.

They have been doing crossovers from a few episodes of both, "The Flash" and "Arrow". Since the two heroes were working together and fighting off of their toughest villains, but their story continues. Rumor has it that this will go towards the Justice League movie in which next year will have Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Justice 2016 and Suicide Squad on the same year. Somehow the rumors are true and that's why they should bring Amell and Gustin (Arrow and The Flash) in the, "BIG SCREEN". Lately in season 4 of Arrow, Oliver is now no longer with the league of shadows and now he has become the Green Arrow and in season 2, The Flash and his team face a new threat, meets new allies, and a new adventures of becoming a hero.

The Flash and Arrow working together.
The Flash and Arrow working together.

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