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As the question of Glenn's death continues to traumatized the walking dead community, there are so many more questions unanswered. Where else is this season willing to go? We've seen a large amount of slaughter so far in this season. From losing a large amount of Alexandrians, to Nicholas, the cheese man, and his beloved goat.

As this this weeks episode ends and all we have to go on is Maggie's heart wrenching tears of desperation followed by her hope rebuilt. There has been no indication as Glenn's fate. As the Walking Dead community rallies around the fact that Glenn's altercation with Negan has yet to occur, another possibility emerges. So many believe that this..... Nicholas being torn apart and not Glenn.


What happens to Daryl this season? As we know a few episodes ago, Daryl decided to go off on his own. In the previews for upcoming episodes we see Norman Reedus on his own, captured by an unseen enemy. Things don't look so promising for him.

Could this be Negan? Is Glenn's fate sealed by the hoard of zombies and Nicholas' need to die at his own hand and not at the mercy of flesh hungry zombies? If so, it leaves a story line open to rock the Walking Dead community even more.......

As the information of Norman Reedus' new show coming out on AMC, it brings into question if it indicates the end of his time as Daryl on the Walking Dead. Are the producers using Glenn's storyline in the comics to seal Daryl's doomed fate?


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