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I don't know about you guys, but I grew up anxiously hoping that every gift box I received would be unwrapped to reveal a new Lego set. Each present got a gentle shake, and the moment I heard that rattling sound, I knew I was in luck. My siblings and I had every single Harry Potter Lego set released for The Sorceror's Stone.

As I got older, Legos were replaced with more "practical" gifts. Who needs clothes? Or textbook money? But now that I have a job and time and stuff, these are some totally awesome Lego sets I am anxious to get my hands on:

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Castle

While there have been literally dozens of Lego sets based on the Harry Potter films - and several incarnations of Hogwarts itself - the final Hogwarts set seems to be agreed upon as the best of the lot. With 10 minifigures and over 1200 pieces, not only does it allow for a satisfying building time, but lots of exploring afterward. The Great Hall is highly detailed, and Dumbledore's office has quite a few surprises.

Lord of the Rings - Tower of Orthanc

The level of detail in this set is INSANE. Not only do you get six floors of awesome Tolkien-y goodness, you can also build Treebeard, and rescue Gandalf with an eagle. I always felt like I wanted to see more of Saruman's tower in the films, because the details kind of got overlooked, so this is an awesome opportunity to experience Orthanc's creepy interior.

Star Wars - Death Star

There are probably several million awesome Star Wars Lego sets by this point, but holy crap this set is amazing. It's got Princess Leia's cell. It's got the trash compactor and dianoga (in case you ever wondered what that freaky tentacle monster was called). It's got a TIE fighter hanger. It's got 24 minifigures and droids. Basically, it's the coolest.

The Avengers - Helicarrier

While it's more of a model than a playset, this almost 3000 piece set is rife with amazing details. And it even comes with microfigures in addition to five minifigures. I didn't even know they made microfigures! The whole thing is almost three feet long, so you might have to buy a new coffee table to display it.

Indiana Jones - Temple Escape

Lego sets, in the end, should be all about fun rather than collectibility, and this one is certainly fun. The opening to Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the more iconic scenes in film history, and this set lets you play right through it. My favorite detail, though, has to be Jock Lindsey's fishing pole.

So there you have it: some of the best film-based Lego sets officially put out by the Lego company. If you want to see some amazing (if unofficial) Lego sets made by fans, read about them here.


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