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If the article I wrote for the Top 10 Songs in Steven Universe wasn't any kind of indicator, I am a huge fan of Steven Universe. The music is one thing, but the whole story of the young character, Steven, growing to be a hero is just awesome to watch.

When I started watching, I was a casual fan, but as I kept watching, I got hooked. This is the case for a lot of people who become fans of a certain property- Sherlockians, Trekkies, Browncoats, hell Bronies. Generally, fandoms are a thing where people who enjoy the same interests can rally under. That sounds awesome right? A bunch of like minded people enjoying something awesome? Well, yeah. The problem comes when fans take things TOO seriously.

There's no escaping it. There will always be these kind of fans that take things way too seriously and become hostile to other fans.

Myself and others had hoped that Steven Universe would escape such a fate, but With every action there is an opposite, yet, equal reaction, and with every good, there must be a bad. Steven Universe has this and, unfortunately, in spades.

I don't want to go too deep into the fandom and its problems, mostly because there's someone who's done it better and to great effect (You can find the article here). What I do want to touch on though, is the main point of that article and the problem it touched upon.

For this I kind of want to give a bit of a preface: This will be touching on subjects such as: bullying, self harm, discrimination, mental illness and attempted suicide. READER DISCRETION IS HEAVILY ADVISED. If you are willing to listen to me expound on this subject let's get started.

On October 20th of this year a girl whom goes by the name Zamii posted this to her tumblr:

{october 20 2015}


I’m going to sleep forever. I’m sorry everyone I’m just super tired. This will be the last you’ll hear from me. I’m going to be at peace now. I’m sorry

Paige "Zamii" Paz

Why is this important? Well, if some of you don't know it's because this girl had attempted to take her own life. Why? Well because she did some fan art of Steven Universe characters and people attacked her. Accusing her of fat shaming and racist caricatures.

Am I the only one who doesn't see it? Is it me?
Am I the only one who doesn't see it? Is it me?

Thankfully she's fine, she is recovering and she will be back home soon. But this isn't all. It seems that some people thought it would be good to, along with saying that the young girl should kill herself, to tell here that they had wanted to do things that I am omitting because I believe the content of this article is explicit enough.

This brings me to my point however. It's because of these people that things that are supposed to be enjoyed become tarnished and whenever people hear about them, instead of a pleasant community they are known as crazy people who get too into a children's show.

It's scary to think that people can have this happen. Death in any form is unsettling. I've known people personally who've gone through depression to the point off actually considering such an act. I can only tell you one thing: don't.

Don't do something that can cause more harm for those around you. You are stronger than you can possibly imagine and this isn't coming from some random stranger. This is a guy thankful that you're here and you're reading this.

Life is hard, but it is precious. If you ever question that please talk to someone.

Here's one: 1 (800) 273-8255-Suicide Lifeline.

Till next time guys.


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