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Since their release in 1932, Lego bricks have become one of the greatest creative outlets for everyone ages 1 to 100 (although you probably shouldn't give your one year-old Lego bricks...stick to Duplo). Lego fans have built everything from the entire Bible to Dante's nine circles of Hell, and it's not even close to surprising that one of the most popular forms of Lego art is recreating movie scenes. Lego has released some amazing official sets based on pop culture's favorite movies, but due to their devotion to family-friendly sets, they can't make brick kits for everything.

But when you give devoted fans a bunch of time, patience, and colorful bricks, wonderful things happen. Check out some of the best pop culture-based unofficial Lego sets below:

Breaking Bad

This set is proof that Lego should start a line for more adult works of pop culture. Heisenberg makes a delightfully grumpy minifigure. Citizen Brick designed this set, and it is actually available for purchase. More details here.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Alas, this picture is nothing but a beautiful, perfect parody by Monty Python/Lego fan Rifrofi. Other sets include the witch trial, the killer bunny rabbit, and a rather nice shrubbery. See them here.


Honestly, this seems like Lego gold, and it's too bad that the project didn't receive enough supporters. Look here to see some of tjspencer1's fantastic details, like the toy closet, and a package of a certain alien's favorite candy.

Shaun of the Dead

A Lego/Cornetto Trilogy fan named Yatkuu actually submitted this brilliant design to Lego, but it was rejected for being too gory. Oh well - drinks at the Winchester, anyone? (Also, I love the minifigure hand in the title.)


Lego actually has an official Ghostbusters set in the form of the Ecto-1, but this set goes above and beyond. Made by Lego master Orion Pax, this set has an insane amount of detail, like a pool table, garage, reception desk - even a bathroom! You can see more pictures here.


James Cameron's Aliens is yet another perfect but inappropriate film for building out of Legos. Head on over to Brickshelf to see Mike Yoder's awesome tribute to this sci-fi classic.

The Goonies

This is a set that could have been, but was sadly not officially approved by Lego. Lego lover Lyonsblood created an elaborate set based on the Inferno, complete with highly detailed minifigures based on our favorite kid adventurers. Learn more here.

The Shining

Okay, I totally understand why this would never fly as an official Lego set, but man, did Mr. Xenomurphy do an excellent job recreating some of the iconic shots of The Shining. My personal favorite is the Lego rendition of the Overlook's carpet, which you can see here.

Pacific Rim

I have to say it: the level of detail in this masterful creation blows me away. Made by Olive Seon, the scene depicts one of several epic fights in Pacific Rim (this one being where Gipsy Danger takes on Knifehead with a boat - no big deal). See more amazing work here.


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