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Big Hero 6 fans remember Tadashi's untimely demise all too well - the fire, the explosion, Hiro's heart-wrenching tears - but rumors are flying that Tadashi didn't perish in the fire as we were led to believe. According to Movie News Guide, not only is Tadashi alive and well, he might be playing the villain in Big Hero 7.

Day Herald claims that Tadashi will turn into Sunfire, a super-villain who lost all of his human memories and will come back to fight Hiro and the rest of the gang. I just want to know: why? Why must Sunfire fight our beloved heroes? Does he blame them for something? Does he just hate people in awesomely tricked out suits? WHAT IS IT???

Personally, if this is in fact where Big Hero 7 is going, I hope that Tadashi eventually regains his memories and is reunited with Hiro. I'm also very excited to see what Sunfire will look like and exactly what powers he gained after the fire. There's so many questions that need answering!

All sources agree that a sequel is definitely in the works. Whether Tadashi returns as the villain or not remains to be seen. If he is, hopefully he'll find some measure of redemption like Callaghan. Maybe he'll even join the heroes by the end! What do you think? Is Tadashi alive, or is it all just a cruel joke? Let me know what you think in the comments!


Is Tadashi alive?


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