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Matt Walz

On November 8th, at 8 AM central time, Rooster Teeth completed its 24 hour long livestream event full of alcohol, condoms, executions of innocent toys, and hair sandwiches (which were exactly what they sound like). Over the course of it, they raised over $370,000 and sold over 20,000 posters, for a total of nearly $600,000. So, what exactly were they doing all this for?

The kids, of course! All of the debauchery was in support of Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, TX, through an organization called Extra Life. Extra Life is a charity organization that organizes thousands of gamers to play 24 hour marathons in support of Children's Miracle Network hospitals. It has partnered with groups like Rooster Teeth, Reddit, Twitch, and Ubisoft, and has successfully raised over $14 million since it was created in 2008.

The hospitals, of course, have the final decision on what it's used for. For example, Dell Children's Hospital is using the funding to purchase lifelike mannequins that help new nurses and doctors train for situations they may experience with children in their care. This kind of training is invaluable for them-it lets them experience real-life scenarios without being tossed straight in.

Though the official Extra Life date is November 7th, participants can do their 24 hours at any point during the year. Anyone can sign up and campaign for donations. Extra Life is a fantastic example of what the internet is capable of with the right cause. And my mom always told me video games wouldn't do any good.


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