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As the release date for the Beauty and the Beast reboot draws nearer, Disney fans have one burning question: will we get all of the award-winning songs from the animated movie? Sources at Cinema Blend say yes! Alan Menken, creator of the beloved original melodies, has announced two new songs being added to the lineup, including one to replace "If I Can't Love Her" from the Broadway musical.

Menken has said there will probably be a total of three new songs in addition to the beloved classics from the animated movie, and with his ability to create such magical songs I cannot wait to see what he's come up with. Emma Watson seems to be the quintessential Belle, giving her another iconic role after her Harry Potter stint. The all-star cast also includes Josh Gad, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens as the Beast. I'm definitely interested to see how well these actors pull off such incredible songs, especially in a tale as old as time.

Whether you own Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray or still have your VHS, every generation of Disney fans is sure to love this promising reboot, especially after the success of recent box office hits Cinderella and Into the Woods. I will definitely be in line to see this movie come 2017 (if I can stand the wait!)


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