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Wasting no time, this episode starts where the first one ended. Ash just decapitaded his landlord and Kelly wants to go to see her father since her mother (who's died) has returned. She leaves Ash and Pablo to figure out what's happening, while Ash just wants to figure out how to fix the Necronomicon. Unfortunately, Pablo tells Ash that Kelly has the book, so the two follow her.


Once they reach Kelly (after killing their Deadite possessed manager), Ash and Pablo discover that Kelly's mother appears to be normal and didn't die, but got amnesia. Kelly's happy (while shocked and confused) that her mother is alive, Pablo's happy that Kelly is happy and safe, but Ash of course believes that the mother is actually a Deadite. So 2 minutes of an awkward dinner and a punch to the face later, it's revealed that Kelly's mother is a Deadite (who then proceeds to kill Kelly's father). Meanwhile, Amanda Fisher really begins her search for Ash to figure out what exactly is happening.

I really enjoyed this episode. We get to see more interactions between Ash, Pablo, and Kelly, and there was a lot of great scenes. This episode was also a good chance to re-establish how Deadites are. They possess people and trick others. Since has seen this all before, he is the only one to not believe that Kelly's mother didn't die. It also allowed for some funny scenes like when Ash asks during dinner "You used to be dead, right?" There are also some creepy scenes when the mother reveals that she is a Deadite, such as when she starts sings a lullaby (which was straight out of Evil Dead 2).

Whats was also great was the gore and special effects. There was a great bloody scene where Ash and Pablo attacked by a Deadite in the car and blood goes all over their faces. And a similar scene happens again near the end of the episode.

The writing and characters were also good again. Ash still just wants to get the information on the Necronomicon and is willing to risk Kelly's father's life to save more. Bruce Campbell is, of course, great in this episode. We see Pablo (played by Ray Santiago) assisting Ash once again in some Deadite slaying and we see he does cares for Kelly and even lied to Ash about her having the Necronomicon to help her. Kelly (played by Dana DeLorenzo) was the main focus of the episode and it's nice again yo see her play off of Ash. And we get the "You know they're Jewish, right?" scene with the crosses from the trailer, and it's still hilarious. We get a little bit of Amanda Fisher (played by Jill Marie Jones) this episode, but it looks like they're saving her story for later episodes. No Lucy Lawless this time, but I'm sure she'll be back next week.

I loved this episode as much as the first episode. There were scenes very reminiscent to the first film, but also funny scenes like the other films. So once again, I give this episode 5 out of 5 chainsaws. I can't wait for next week's episode.


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