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Alesha Gilliam

Just checked out ‪Our Brand in Crisis‬ and I must say I give it ‪two thumbs up‬. ‪Sandra Bullock‬ and ‪‎Bill Bob Thornton‬ gave this movie grit and power in places that made it into a political thriller. The writing was smart and intellectual never missing a beat of the political journey that the director took you on. For sure on of the best simplistic movies so far that needs be seen. The movie built with quotes does not disappoint. The movie starts off with a simple word and its off to the races. Sandra Bullucks character is one of those that you want to hate but you know in the end you will love her strong will and the fact that she will tell you the truth no matter the circumstances. Bill Bob Throtons character gives you the chills with his stare and stature causing him to be the easy target to dislike. No matter this is a must see movie even though it didnt do well at the box office that should not diture you from buying a ticket. This is a well deserved 10 star.


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