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Some shows are pure gold, lasting nearly decades, while others are so bad they don't make it past their pilot episodes. But every once in a while, you encounter a show you know will last for while only to find out it that it's cancelled after its first season. Here are three shows I became obsessed with that met an early end.

The River

When the famed explorer Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood) disappears while looking for "magic" out in the deep Amazon rivers, his son Lincoln Cole (Joe Anderson) and his mother Tessa Cole (Leslie Hope) set out to find him with the help of a camera crew documenting the entire voyage. Along the way, the characters discover that the depths of the Amazon hold a world of evil and magic.

I really enjoyed this show for many reasons. First off, every episode from the first to the last has something completely insane and evil happen to the crew. In the pilot episode, the crew unleashes an evil spirit that was trapped inside of a baby's coffin that they found on Dr. Cole's missing boat. Yeah, the story lines for each episode are pretty crazy! Also, because his expeditions were broadcast for the world to see, the show is set up in a found-footage style that has search party recording the entire time. Each episode is a new evil that they must face and overcome using Emmet Cole's footage the crew found on the missing boat. One episode even takes place in an area of the jungle that is decorated with hundreds of dolls!

I was really disappointed when I found out that this show wasn't going to be renewed! I really liked the characters because they were believable. And I really wanted to know what happens after the family finds Dr. Cole only to realize that the river will never let them leave. As the characters set off home, they discover that the river is ever-changing with no way out! Honestly though, I don't know how much longer the writers could keep the family in the River without the storyline getting predictable or tiresome. I do want to know what will happen next but, as a show with just one season, I enjoyed the crew's journey to find the famed explorer.

The Gates

After he and his family move to gated community called The Gates, Nick Monohan becomes Chief of Police and quickly learns there's more to this neighborhood than he could've ever imagined. The Gates is a haven for witches, werewolves, vampires, and a succubus.

Okay, okay. The plot sounds a little cheesy but I thought it was very well thought out! There's more than just your typical werewolf-vampire-witches-succubus story, there's drama, love and some comedy! I really enjoyed this show because the protagonists slowly learn that everyone in town has their own secrets. Also, Charlie Monohan, the teenage son, becomes enthralled with Andie, who turns out to be the werewolf quarterback's girlfriend and also a succubus! Also, if you didn't notice from the promo shown above, The Gates stars Skyler Samuels who is now the main protagonist of Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens, and Colton Haynes who also starred on Teen Wolf and Arrow.

Much like the other two shows I've listed on here, The Gates ended on a major cliffhanger! After all the mysteries that go on in this community, Devon (the main antagonist and the "bad" witch) casts a spell that turns Charlie into something supernatural. I say "something supernatural" because the season ends before anyone can find out what he's become! Like most other cancelled shows, The Gates did not get the anticipated ratings but, for those who quickly became attached to the show, the cancellation came as a surprise! I still want to know what happens next!

The Event

When his fiancée mysteriously disappears, Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) begins an investigation to find her whereabouts, but soon realizes the government is involved and uncovers the U.S. greatest cover-up: aliens walk among us!

As you can tell, I'm mostly interested in sci-fi/supernatural tv shows and The Event is no exception! I really enjoyed this show for two main reasons. First, there's nonstop action throughout the show, and we never really know who's an alien and who's involved in the conspiracy. The second reason is because of TAYLOR COLE! Not only is she sexy as hell, she's a bad ass!! Throughout the season, we slowly learn that she's more than a hired assassin, she's also a caring mother! I love her so much!


The show's cliffhanger is crazy as hell! So finally Sean find his fiancée who turns out to be pregnant and also half alien!! Okay so not only were aliens walking among us for 60 years, some of them have started families with humans! The big question is: what happens when a human and an alien give birth? She didn't know she was half alien, but what does that mean for everyone else? Also, at the very end we discover the first lady is also an alien! But as soon as the president decides to do something about the aliens, we see a giant UFO appear, bringing more aliens!


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