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So two movies and a reboot later which may be leading to a sequel, should Fox give up on the Fantastic Four? Well to really earn some money off of the fantastic four they should give some rights to the MCU to use the Fantastic Four and have them a part of Civil War. Well part 2 maybe, since filming already began. For those of you who don't know, even the Fantastic Four went different ways during the Registration Act.

Mr. Fantastic was Pro Registration. But lets take a quick time out to discuss something about the Infinity Gauntlet. Mr. Fantastic was actually in possession of THE POWER gem of the Gauntlet. he was in fact one of the ones in charge along with Iron Man. When he and Stark created the clone of Thor, which ultimately killed Goliath. This lead his wife Sue and her brother Johnny to join the Secret Avengers on the Anti-Registration side.

The Thing was initially Pro Registration with Iron Man, however it changed when civilian casualties happened during one of the battles. He reveals he thinks the registration act is wrong, and is furious that nobody was thinking about civilian casualties. He moves to France, but later returns to the SHRA battle in New York. He fights on both sides, only protecting civilians from casualties. Also when Captain America was killed, he was one of the pallbearers. So I think he would be an important character, just watching someone fighting for the citizens.

The Invisible Woman, was part of the Pro Registration Act along with her husband, but changed after the clone created by her husband and Stark, killed Goliath. She goes underground and joins the Secret Avengers.

The Human Torch joins the Anti Registration act after he is mobbed by a group of angry citizens. After he awakes from his coma he joins the Anti Registration Act along with his sister.

Now that you know a little about their backstory on Civil War, it would only make sense to include them into Civil War, especially since Mr. Fantastic is a huge roll in the Pro Registration Act. Fox needs to sign over their rights to The Fantastic Four and give MCU a couple of key characters in Civil War.


Should Fox let the MCU use the Fantastic Four?


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