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Yesterday, during the Louisville's Wizard World Con, Arrow star Stephen Amell shared some pretty huge spoilers about a villain likely blood-related to Slade WIlson a.k.a. Deathstroke.

"I would say if you are looking for iconic fights there might be a fight coming up with another Wilson."

It looks like another Wilson is coming to Star City this season and there are a lot of possibilities here. In fact, the Wilson family possesses a big genealogy in the comics and a lot of its members are either heroes or villains. Coincidentally, few of them are also linked to a know well-known organization: H.I.V.E.

Let's do a little recap of who could appear this season.

Adeline Wilson

Here's a really interesting character. Adeline Wilson (born Kane) is Slade's ex-wife and also mother of his children. But she was also for a time, the H.I.V.E mistress alongside Arrow Season 4 "big bad" Damian Darhk. She's a recurring foe of the Teen Titans like her ex-husband. Given that we probably haven't seen all the faces behind H.I.V.E., it would be a way to introduce her as one of Darhk's "associates."

Joe Wilson

This is the only Wilson we know for a fact exists. Back during Season 1, Slade mentioned that he had a son named Joe. This probably makes reference to Joseph Wilson a.k.a. Jericho. In the comics unlike his father, Jericho is a hero and a member of the Titans. After a failed stabbing, he became mute, only talking with signs. He possesses the ability to take control of someone by making eye-contact with them, allowing him to talk through them. This is may be the most likely option right now: his existence has already been acknowledged, so it wouldn't be too hard to bring him into the fold.

Rose Wilson

Wilson's only daughter was the result of an affair with Lilian Worth, a bordello headmistress he had to protect. Rose's existence was kept a secret from Slade for years before he learned the truth. Thanks to her precognitive abilities, Rose took the mantle of Ravager and became a member of the Teen Titans like her brother before.

We may have already seen Rose in some capacity. Back in Season 2, Isabel Rochev, C.E.O of Queen Consolidated, was in fact one of Slade's pawns to destroy Oliver's life. Her costume was very similar to the one Rose is wearing in the comics. I don't see the writers introducing a similar character this year. It could be a little redundant.

Grant Wilson

Grant is the first Ravager but also the only child who turned out like his father. He grew up idolizing Deathstroke, unaware that the mercenary was his father. He later started to frequent members of H.I.V.E and was given abilities, similar to his father's making him almost superhuman. Given that Slade never talked about a second son, we can assume that we won't see the older brother anytime soon.

I don't know you but the only thing that could get me really excited is Deathstroke himself. During Season 2, Manu Bennett really delivered the best acting we've seen on Arrow. But given his recent declarations, I'm not sure we'll see the mercenary again on the show. But where there is hope there is life...

You can check Amell's comment at the 31-minute mark:


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