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Many of us here at Moviepilot are cinephiles. The term cinephile refers to a film enthusiast, someone passionate about and enveloped in the world of cinema. I describe myself using this term all the time. I took a job that kept me near moviegoers by selling premium home theater equipment. When I'm not working or participating in any other form of adulting, I am either binge watching on Netflix or watching YouTube uploads about movies.

Now, more than ever before, the internet is a haven for the enthusiast. Any kind of enthusiast can find a home in an online community that aligns with their interests. YouTube has become an unbelievably vast archive of information and fun. A single human being could not possibly watch every uploaded video in their lifetime.

I have been using YouTube as a a substitute for cinephile grade discussion, simply because I have no one in my life that will listen to me gush about cinema for hours. For me, the YouTubers I follow are my cinephile friends. These noticeable personalities are famous in their own right. Millions of shares are amassed by channels dedicated to the ins and outs of film. I'd like to commend three of my favorites in my Subscribed list and give them well deserved credit. These YouTubers have enhanced, fine-tuned and expanded my range of cinematic thought in ways I will never forget.

Nitpicking To Excess: CinemaSins

No movie can be perfect from beginning to end. Slight imperfections can appear anywhere. Editing errors, continuity concerns and wardrobe woes are just a few things that CinemaSins aims to point out. Their most popular uploads all take on the same skeleton concept: bringing attention to the imperfections and downfalls of films.

Titled "Everything Wrong With ____ In ___ Minutes or Less", these videos are truly cookie cutter versions of each other, making for tremendous binge watching value. I can't count how many times I've decided to watch 'just one' CinemaSins video before bed and ended up watching hard core until early morning. Watching an entire movie in under 20 minutes while listening to a narrator count off each problem with it is more hilarious than you may think. After the sins are tallied, there is a final sin count and the film is sentenced to a punishment for it's wrongdoing. This YouTube channel is truly entertaining to explore and worth checking out if you haven't already done so.

Thinking Beyond The Movie: The Film Theorists

YouTuber MatPat made a name for himself discussing games at length on his first channel: The Game Theorists. Within months of the channel's first 10 uploads, Game Theory, the flagship show of the channel, became an internet sensation. With each upload, viewers knew they were about to get their mind blown by MatPat's inquisitive take on many games and what lies underneath them.

Like many YouTubers, MatPat has an eclectic array of hobbies, each one just as likely to be scrutinized and picked apart by this wonderfully intelligent and perceptive man. At the peak of Game Theory's success, MatPat decided to expand and bring his mind's cinematic rantings to the internet. The Film Theorists became a little brother to the original channel, poking and prodding at the deeper picture behind some of our favorite movies.

Although Film Theory's library isn't as expansive as it's bigger brother (yet), there are just enough of them to hold your attention for a while. Each theory gets more intense and at some point, you're bound to watch one that makes you want to take a nap to release that mindblown haze - a feeling MatPat's fans know all too well. I highly recommend both of these channels to anyone willing to open their mind to a few theories: Film Theories!

Movie News, Movie Fights and Honest Trailers: Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies is essentially a movie news network. With seasonal box office rundowns, predictions and reviews, there is something for every cinephile to enjoy on this channel.

For the cinephile ready to defend their position on a film, the channel gives you Movie Fights, a feature length commentary on a movie in which two opposing 'Junkies' argue their point to the ground to win the Movie Fights championship belt. This can get rather heated and lead to bouts of hilarity at any time. If you have an hour and a half to kill one day, check out a Movie Fight.

The Screen Junkies Show is aimed at those that want to know more about a certain cinematic topic, but may be short on time. Shorter, 'info bite' sized episodes can give viewers exactly what they were looking for without much filler. This platform is used by the staff for multiple things: Movie Science, Top 10 countdowns and trailer rundowns are just a few of the goodies The Screen Junkies Show has to offer.

No one can talk about Screen Junkies without mentioning Honest Trailers. By far the most popular videos the channel uploads, these comedic gems recreate the trailers of popular movies and parody them, mocking every aspect of the films along the way, pit stopping to bully the cast. Screen Junkies is the ultimate YouTube destination for film enthusiasts everywhere.

If you're a Moviepilot creator that's fresh out of ideas, or a movie fanatic in need of a cinematic pick-me-up, YouTube can be an escape from your stress and provide you with the refreshing boost you needed to continue your day.

Whether you like to learn about the science behind the movies, or wish to watch people argue about movies and scream along with them, Screen Junkies is the way to go. If you want to get super critical and be able to point out the most obscure and random plot hole that no one should ever notice, CinemaSins has your back. If you wish to be mindblown beyond belief and discover a fan theory that could get you and your moviegoer friends talking for hours, The Film Theorists can ninja your mind in ways once thought impossible. No matter which you choose, they all provide new and exciting ways to feed the cinephile hidden within.

What are your favorite YouTube channels? Tell me in the comments! Follow me here for more awesome articles and never stop watching movies! If you should ever have to: YouTubers can help you through the cinematic drought.


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