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Brace yourself, bad puns are coming.
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Let's talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First of all, I am going to say that I love what they are doing (well, mostly). They have managed to add a new dimension to the superhero genre, and honestly, it has been fantastic. Despite that, there is a certain quality lacking in most Marvel movies, something which defines a movie, specially a superhero one.

The villains never seem to be very threatening

The MCU Rogues
The MCU Rogues

While it is okay to have some humour in movies (actually, it's awesome, it's what makes their movies so entertaining), it outweighs the seriousness movies need to have, especially towards the end.

Let's take Avengers: Age of Ultron for example. The movie itself was great, one of the better Marvel movies. However, the primary complaint for many was the fact that Ultron was reduced to a wisecracking robot, instead of an evil mastermind AI. Throughout the movie, the Avengers had time for making jokes about the ongoings and telling each other to mind their language.

No strings attached...
No strings attached...

Like, seriously? You're supposed to be saving the world from destruction, and you have time to taunt others? How lame is the villain to allow that to happen? Another thing - the Ultron robots were probably created by 4 year olds or something, considering the fact that none of them managed to hit any of the Avengers EVEN ONCE.

Sitting in the audience, it never felt as if the heroes or the world was in any danger at all. None of them were hurt, injured, or killed (with an exception of Quicksilver, which came too late). This problem is evident in multiple Marvel movies.

Another classic example for this would be Iron Man 2. Like, what? To this day, I don't have the faintest clue as to what the villain was trying to achieve. Which makes it hard to take them seriously at all. Same goes for Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Ant-Man and most other Marvel movies.

However, Marvel has done some good and awesome jobs with it as well. The Avengers is a great example. Halfway through the film, Loki killed Agent Coulson, and scattered the team, as they were left distraught.

Similarly, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (one of the best MCU movies), there was the death of Nick Fury, the collapse of SHIELD, and the rise of Hydra. It put Captain America in a whole new light for me, and for the first time, it made me appreciate the character.

Now, Marvel certainly has the potential, all they need to do is to make it work, and give us a villain we will remember for years to come.

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