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Warning: spoiler for the walking dead season 6 episode 5

Firstly, i'll briefly sum up the episode here. Please close this tab if you have not watched the episode. So Rick gets back to Alexandria, finds out about the wolves attack, finds out Glenn and Nicholas aren't back and finds out Daryl, Abraham and Sasha aren't back. Oh, and he finds some love as well. Aaron and Maggie also get their hands dirty, Denise is trying to keep Scott alive and Deanna, is just, shaken and devastated.

First of, this was basically just a filler episode, mainly used for side character development. Which is why i think this is straight up the weakest episode of the season. Even though we were at Alexandria, we didn't even get to see Carol, Michonne or Morgan. Also no Eugene or Heath, which i would have liked to at least see him by Scott's side. These people basically disappeared. We only got our attention on Jessie, Aaron, and Deanna. The only GOOD part about this is that we didn't see Gabriel. God, finally.

I wanna start by mentioning the weakest point of this episode. The cleaning up after the attack, they did a HORRIBLE job at it. Walkers were still roaming about IN Alexandria, and especially when Rick said to dim the lights at night, shouldn't you people have done a more thorough check?

The most we got out of this episode was basically the love scenes, which were Rick and Jessie, Denise and Tara, and Aaron and Maggie(???). I have to say this was Jessie's strongest episode of the season, after she killed one of the wolves, she's grown much stronger. I was surprised to see she was actually brave enough to open the door and kill the walker in the house, i was expecting Rick to come and handle it. I like the direction they are going in with Rick and Jessie, not one of the strongest romances in the show, but its nice to see Rick getting some love after so long. I am TOTALLY not buying into Denise and Tara, i just felt it was so out of place. I hope they don't develop this and spend time on Aaron and Maggie instead. Which brings me to my next point. I KNOW Aaron is gay, but the way Maggie treated his injury and the way he looked at her when they were cleaning the walls was a DEAD giveaway there was sexual tension between them. Lets face it, Aaron is Glenn's replacement as Maggie's pillar of support.

Speaking of Maggie, this was hands down her weakest episode of the season. I know you're worried about Glenn and all, but you don't just go outside the walls, on your own, knowing thousands of walkers are waiting to eat you up, WHILE YOU'RE PREGNANT. She only wanted to go back after they found out the exit was crowded with walkers, when she revealed to Aaron she is pregnant, which brings up another point. Shouldn't you have told him much sooner considering he was risking his life for you? I really thought she'd be smarter than that, but hey, Glenn was her only family left. Which is really heartbreaking to see that she is still hoping he's alive, because he really isn't. I feel they are kinda setting up Aaron this early to be there for Maggie when she finally finds out.

Now on to Deanna. The look on her face, she was going INSANE. She still is pretty shaken up by the wolves attack, but she is determined to keep the community going, because the walls were built by her late husband, which she was seen reminiscing of earlier in the show, and she mapped out the plans for the community, hoping to start a form of civilization behind the gates. She also realizes she could not lead the community by herself anymore, and shares the leadership role with Rick.(finally!) But i have a different theory on that. Part of her does not feel she is the right leader because she killed someone. She was acting REALLY weird in the last scene and something is off about her, she seemed to be venting her frustration on the fence. The substance that was oozing through the holes in the gates, that has to be fresh human blood. The only way there was over the fence. And who was keeping watch at that point of time? Spencer. Yes, I am implying that Deanna killed Spencer. It is unlikely to be anyone else because earlier on in the episode that there was conflict between Deanna and Spencer, and Spencer took it out on her REALLY harsh, by mentioning the deaths of Reg and Aiden. Because of what Spencer did by stealing food from the pantry, all of that gives a crazy Deanna perfect reason to kill Spencer, even if its her own son. Furthermore, she was seen writing a phrase in Latin, which translates to "This pain is useful to you". This could have also been a foreshadowing to my theory, that even though she would hate killing her son, it would benefit the community to be free of someone like Spencer.

This episode was just a filler episode, and honestly i wish they would have just given us at least a conversation between Carol, Michonne, Morgan and Rick, i wanted to hear their reactions as a group. And what about the guy Morgan locked up? Is he going to keep quiet about it? At this point of time it would be a really bad decision. And what is going on with Ron?

Hopefully next week we get to more action and suspense like the first three episodes, which were edge-of-your-seat exciting. I get that you have many characters to handle, but this episode could have been so much better if we had all the core characters at Alexandria in this episode.


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