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One of the most popular shows ever was Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004. The hilarious show is one of the most replayed shows on TV and all 10 seasons are on Netflix for the world to enjoy, plus, you end up watching 6 episodes in a row since they are only about 22 minutes each. But even though you see them on TV as they were ten years ago, where is our favorite group of friends now?

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green)

Jennifer Aniston, looking almost exactly the same, has continued to act after her life as a Friend ended. They have mainly been romantic comedies carrying on in true Rachel fashion. But last year she received a lot of praise and attention for her role as the pain-ridden Claire in Cake. In her personal life, a year after Friends ended, in 2005, she had her widely publicized divorce from actor Brad Pitt. So many rumors floated around about Aniston and Angelina Jolie and their relationship with Pitt. But in an interview in early 2015 she said that no one was at fault and that sometimes relationships end. In 2011, she started dating actor/director Justin Theroux and they married in a very private and secretive ceremony in August of this year. Jennifer Aniston continues to be one of the most popular female actresses because of her down to earth personality and all of the philanthropy work she does for children all around the world.

Courteney Cox (Monica Geller)

Previously the overly neat Monica, Courteney Cox also continued to act in films and television shows after Friends ended. She was most known as the star of the Scream horror films and her TV show Cougar Town which aired for three seasons. She received her first Golden Globe nomination for her role in Cougar Town . Cox started a production company called Coquette Productions with her then husband, David Arquette. Cox and Arquette were married for 11 years until they separated in 2010. They had a daughter together, Coco, who's godmother is Jennifer Aniston. Sadly, after she had Coco, she suffered from postpartum depression having also had several miscarriages before and after Coco was born. Courteney and David still remain business partners for Coquette Productions. Recently she has been dating Johnny McDaid of the band Snow Patrol and they announced their engagement in June 2014.

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay)

Unlike her other female costars, Lisa Kudrow was the most awarded of the friends, winning an Emmy and two SAG awards. After the show, she has appeared in a ton of films and TV shows and has also voiced several animated characters. Kudrow has also been the writer and producer of several shows. She married Michel Stern, a French executive, in 1995 and they have had one child together. Her pregnancy was actually written into the show when she was supposedly a surrogate for her character's brother and his wife.

Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani)

Matt LeBlanc was with Kudrow, raking in the nominations for his role on Friends. He received multiple Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe nominations. After the show ended, there was a spinoff show called Joey which was about his character moving to Los Angeles to further pursue his acting career. It did not receive as much attention as Friends did and was only on for two years. However, LeBlanc did receive another Golden Globe nomination for the role. Since then he has appeared in a number of films and also many music videos. In 2012 he won a Golden Globe for his role on the series Episodes, where he played a fictitious version of himself. In his personal life, he married model Melissa McKnight in 2003 and had daughter Marina in 2004. Marina suffered from seizures as a baby but they had mostly subsided by the time she was two years old. Matt and Melissa split in 2006 and he has not married again.

Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing)

After his time as Chandler Bing ended, Matthew Perry pretty much stayed in TV, only doing a few films. He was in the movie 17 Again with Zac Efron in 2009 and that was the last film he has been in. He has been a guest star on many hit shows like Scrubs, Ally McBeal, and The Good Wife. Perry has also written directed, and produced his own episodes and series but none have really picked up. He has suffered several drug addictions during his life, completing two rehab programs. Once he dropped down to 145 lbs and it was noticeable on Friends. But he has turned it into something positive by opening the Perry House, a sober living home, in his old house in Malibu. He once dated Julia Roberts but he broke up with his last girlfriend in 2012 and there has been no reports of a new one.

David Schwimmer (Ross Geller)

It seems that the actor had a hard time breaking out of his role as Ross after Friends ended. While he got multiple roles in critically acclaimed films or television series, when it came to Schwimmer, there was always criticism of how all they can see is Ross and how his performances were not up to par. He found success in voicing Melman, the hypochondriac giraffe in the animated film Madagascar which went on to have two more films made. David Schwimmer also went on to the stages of London and Broadway to act in and direct plays. However, these were never a huge success. When he directed films, he received praise for them at multiple film festivals including being nominated for Best Debut Director at the British Independent Film Awards in 2007 for Run Fatboy Run. Next for Schwimmer is his portrayal of Robert Kardashian in the FX miniseries American Crime Story. He married Zoe Buckman, a British artist, in 2010 and they had a daughter, Cleo, together in 2011. He has also done a lot of work with charities that are for drug control and children of domestic violence.


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