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Have you Ever Wondered how an Independent Comic Book gets made??? From the Inception of the idea by the Creator/Writer to the Publication of the final product by the Publishers. The process afterwards of advertising attending Cons and Face to Face selling.


Well Chris and Myself at 365FlicksPodcast had the opportunity to attend a Comic Con in one of our big UK cities. We somehow blagged review copy of a local independent comic book called Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles... A comic book that had won Awards by the by, one of them being Scotland's comic of the year (I know right, how the hell did we get this).

We did a quick review of the comic a few episodes back but it was only a broad strokes review due to the fact we wanted to get the Writer Gary Chudleigh and his publishers from BHP Comics Sha Nazir on an episode to find out how the process works... And try to get some inside industry scoops.

The results were Episode 21 of the 365FlicksPod... An interview we had so much fun with and thank god these dudes were nice and down to earth like us because lets be honest we aint no Parkinson. So please have a listen to our fine episode and drop by again...

Kevin Haldon


chilling after a hard days recording...
chilling after a hard days recording...

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