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Why Kara Danvers is more important than Supergirl!

As my sister binges on Smallville for the millionth time, it dawns on me why I love this portrayal of Supergirl so much. With the focus on their human alter-egos, it is both Clark Kent and Kara Danvers that are admirable. As the image of Clark Kent in Smallville weighed heavily on the destructive nature of Superman in ‘Man of Steel‘- resulting in my dislike - it is a conscientious and flawed Kara, that grounds the deity figure Superman perplexes.

Glad to see the distance Kara puts between herself and her cousin, it is unlikely we will ever meet Superman on the show, but, is it possible that we will ever meet Clark Kent; a humbled man who; paraphrasing Jimmy Olsen, cannot possibly be perceived as a hero? It is with this that Kara’s fears of being discovered by Cat Grant are calmed.

And, It is with our disbelief, that we notice that Cat Grant already knows who Kara is; or possibly anyway. Throughout the episode Cat; who is quickly becoming my favourite character, is extremely observant of Kara. From noticing the way she walks, or how she is able to make scalding hot coffee, the busy CEO takes the time to discuss with Kara; how she would hypothetically mentor Supergirl.

With reference to earning your title, it seems that Cat is knowingly avoiding Kara’s ego as Supergirl, in her mentorship; and that success comes with remembering your humble beginnings.

With this, we flashback to Kara’s childhood on Krypton; something never featured within depictions of Superman due to his age when he left. It is with these beginnings; of a curious and empathetic Kara, that we have hope for humanity.

It is with this episode that the show makes it known that Kara; is only super in her biological differences, and like our species; we are flawed, categorised and normal to our own. It is the choices she makes that defines her as a hero.

With her cousin’s image both inspiring and cautious, Kara perseveres in the face of comparison, recognition, and criticism. With power does not come skill, and the series; like it’s CW/DC counterparts, places a focus on teamwork.

Joining the team is Jimmy Olsen. Having already known Kara’s identity; bromance and romance brews as he joins the crime fighting fold. Much needed in the world of an on-going series, with high tension drama; Winn and Jimmy seem set to become part of a love triangle that sees Kara mature as a woman and hero.

With faith in Kara’s growth as a character outside of her title, she embraces the S of her family, and accepts mentorship, with the knowledge that she is stronger this way.

Whilst her inadvertent destructive actions warned of the threat of her power, in accepting her role as a team; Kara avoids the vigilante status that the isolated hero can gain.

Kara’s distinction comes in the comparison of herself to Astra and other Kryptonians; whilst not as strong it is her choices that give her the sheer force of will to succeed…

With an emphasis on her responsibility to save people, the show also enforces the significance of respecting others and their planet. With this lesson, we also gain an insight into Hank Henshaw as per my request in my last Supergirl review. With tragedy (which may or may not be superman related) shaping the tough exterior of Henshaw we see mundanities of human life become cemented alongside the focus on super humans…or Kryptonians.

Henshaw vs Superman...
Henshaw vs Superman...

Astra is revealed sooner than I thought when she baits Supergirl via the Capture of a DOA agent Alex; unbeknownst to her that she is Supergirl’s sister. When refusing Astra’s offer to join her mission to save Earth; probably akin to destroying the destructive nature of humanity, Supergirl, having seen how ecologically aware humans are - via her own mistakes - refuses.

Love set aside, Astra and Supergirl fight until Astra is injured and taken aback by the threat of Kryptonite.

With my binges of ‘Smallville’ and ‘Lois and Clark’ well behind me, I was surprised that Astra and Kara (and every remaining Kryptonian) was unaware of Kryptonite. In origin; having come from their own planet, were there no scientists analysing the ground? How many reenactments of ‘Into the wild’ took down the super-ness of Kryptonians; on Krypton, before its destruction?

Tonight’s new episode centres on the expose of Supergirl; and the knife edge that Kara’s secret balances on. Will Cat Grant expose Supergirl as a flawed individual? or sell hyperbole to save the newspaper? And will the newly introduced Maxwell Lord, continue in his vendetta against Supergirl and her ecological mistakes? In her plight, Supergirl draws ecological and alien enemies, to Maxwell’s irritation.

See a sneak peek below!

Supergirl continues tonight at 8 on CBS!



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