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New Jersey State police responded to a report of a stabbing at 1:18 am on Saturday at the home of rapper, producer, and Wu-Tang Clan founding member RZA in Millstone Township.

Two unidentified men were found to have sustained serious injuries and were taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center, where they are now believed to be in stable condition.

RZA himself wasn’t home, as he and Wu-Tang performed at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas during the weekend.

A source told Page Six that the violence broke out during a party thrown by RZA’s adult children.

RZA, who rose to fame with the Wu Tang Clan, lived a pretty crazy and well documented life in the limelight. He was known to be involved with petty crime and drug-dealing in his younger years and even found himself standing trial on an attempted murder charge 1993 for which he was found not guilty.

He famously referred to his acquittal as his 'second chance' and later said,

"I took heed to it. I made that second chance count."

I'm sure he'll be less than pleased to find violence has found its way to his doorstep now at a party hosted by his children.

According to reports, the state police crimes unit are investigating, and should release more information this week.

Check out the trailer for the Wu Tang documentary below.

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