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The skies over L.A. seemed to suggest that something really could be out there last night, and naturally it chose to reveal itself to some of the most advanced life forms on this planet: the Kardashians...and Jenna Mourey.

The UFO, which many quickly and perhaps not totally rationally assumed to be an alien spacecraft, appeared as a brilliantly burning white light that was seen by eye-witnesses from over a hundred miles away.

Although I am generally the Scully of my group of friends, even I was pretty blown away by the video below:

It seems like the Flight of the Navigators impersonating craft was even more impressive in the flesh because certain members of the celeb faction (mainly Khloé Kardashian TBH) took to Twitter to virtually screech with excitement about the unknown object.

Later in the evening, the U.S. government released a statement that said the Navy had launched a test missile out of a military submarine (which is almost as scary as aliens, really), which trailed with the streak of blue light that everyone saw splitting the night sky. Unfortunately, not everyone was convinced by the official explanation and still believe the truth is out there.

If you're eager to see more, check out Jenna Mourey's erratic footage of the incident (and the surrounding parking lot) below:

While there is still no proof we are anything other than alone in the universe, these celebs definitely aren't alone in their staunch belief in extraterrestrials, but what do you think the L.A. UFO was?

(Source: Perez Hilton)


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