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Miley is all about freedom of self-expression these days.

If you're being presented with a philanthropic award at the 46th Anniversary Gala at the Los Angeles LGBT center, and you see a piano about to be auctioned on stage, and just want to lick it all over, then do it!

Bonus points go to the 'Bangerz' star because she has probably done the world a great deal of good with her tongue-wagging gesture, because that same piano was auctioned off for an awesome $50,000 -- all of which is going straight to charity.

Miley was being presented with the Vanguard award for her work with Happy Hippie, which is a non-profit organization that Cyrus founded that aims to "fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations." The 'Wrecking Ball' star was also being honored for her work at the Los Angeles LGBT center.

"...the LGBT Center had the key to the lock on my cage and they set me free.”

Miley shared how she felt when she went to visit the center:

“The first day that I got to visit you all is a day that I never will forget […] [a]nd that’s because given the opportunity to sit in one of the support groups I walked away with a feeling of self-love that I have never been able to even give myself before. Because, you know my life until that point, I was subconsciously convinced that I had to label myself. Because everything in our life has to have a name. Everything in our life is something but I’m not a thing. We’re not a thing. We’re humans with feelings that change just like this weather — which we’ve gotta do something about, and I’m not alone.”

The singer has publicly spoken about bisexuality and gender fluidity before. 'The Climb' star has spoken about how she felt she had to adopt a different gender identity depending on the sex of the partner she was with.

She mentioned that guys would become "overly-macho," so her response was to act like a "femme bot." Miley also talked about how she feels she has to be with girls:

“And then when I was with a girl, I felt like, ‘Oh s–t, she’s going to need someone to protect her, so I’m going to need to have this macho energy.’ And that didn’t feel right either.”

She also discussed the same topics again during her speech at the gala:

“I was so moved when I first heard someone sitting beside me say, ‘Some days I wake up and I’m the masculine version of myself and some days I wake up and I’m the feminine version of myself,’
“And that’s totally okay. And the LGBT Center had the key to the lock on my cage and they set me free.”

It's so great to see these kinds of issues get visibility when a huge star like Miley is talking about them. Not only is Miley saying that it is fine to identify yourself as a dynamic individual outside of traditional gender labels, but is also implicitly sending the message that going to support centers and therapy groups are an incredibly useful way to learn to love yourself and others.

Absolutely don't forget to check out Happy Hippie's website!

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